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04-16-2008, 01:44 PM
i used to have a 92 amigo, probably the best most reliable vehicle i have ever owned. drove for 325,000 miles before parking and buying a rodeo (needed something bigger at the time) parking it was the worst thing i coulda done. never ran right after sitting for 1.5 yrs, and leaked oil when was running. (as expected) the rodeo was nice,reliable and the perfect size. traded it for a 92 range rover, now own a 91 range rover. i drive, alot. (work) and use the wifes accord sometimes to save fuel. anyway, question for you all is, does anyone have any experience with the rodeo sport or newer amigos? i would like to go back to something smaller and more fuel effecient. i have searched autotrader online and found a few near me but would really like a 5spd,v6 4wd
with hardtop not the removable soft top.did they make a 5spd v6? i am not really concerned about isuzu leaving the market, used parts and aftermarket parts along with some good old american ingenuity would suffice as far as repairs go.and no i dont want a jeep. i mean, land rover has dicontinued range rover classic parts and i cant see any problems with parts for those for many,many years, if ever. thanks

Scott Brady
04-16-2008, 02:15 PM
Absolutely. I have owned an Amigo, Rodeo and Trooper. All are exceptional vehicles. My Trooper is by-far my favorite so far. The only thing it really suffers from is the "bleh" factor, as it is a bit homely compared to something like your Range Rover.

Find a 2000 or 2001 Trooper. Perfect transportation.

04-17-2008, 01:31 AM
yeah i love the troopers too. but im thinking of something smaller. my old amigo was small but wide, rode pretty comfortable for such a short wheelbase. my rodeo was a v6 5spd. 4wd and actually kinda hauled ***.
as far as room and ride goes, trooper is it, but i can keep the rangie if thats what i need. looking for better fuel mileage and something smaller and easier to drive. im building a expe.. trailer for camping so the vehicle doesnt need to be so large. 13' trailer, dry weight approx. 400lb.

04-23-2008, 05:06 AM
the 98+ amigo and a.k.a. "rodeo sports" are very solid.

3.2L v-6 is peppy in those small trucks..............rear D44 w/ disk brakes.....gives lots of options for lockers.

we make lifts & axle re-gear kits for them to allow for bigger tires.....also Low range transfer case gears.

and...... as of today (as a matter of fact) we now have Heavy Duty Torsion bars for the front to accomidate winch bumbers and winches up front.

there are tons of aftermarket for them now........guess it all depends on how far you want to get into it ;)