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10-21-2011, 11:29 PM
Hey everyone, been lurking on and off this site a while but spent most of my time over on Tacoma World. I am at the point I need more specialized opinions and information than what I can readily find at TW.
I am building my Taco to be an expo style rig with the ability to tackle places like the Rubicon and about 90% of the places one would ever want to go as well as still being a daily driver.

I know I have already broken a few of the cardinal rules of an expo rig like "Do not supercharge the engine, stock is better" but that is one aspect I love of my truck and dont plan on changing. So below is the list of current mods on my truck and then a few pics and a list of future mods for my truck:
2010 DCSB 4x4 Super White 6spd TRD Sport
TRD Supercharger
URD 2.8" Under drive Pulley
AFE Cold Air intake
Magnaflow Cat back exhaust

Fox Racing rem res 2.5 Coil overs
Total Chaos UCA's
Fox Racing rem res 2.0 shocks
Allpro Expedition leaf springs
Timbren bumpstops
Steel braided extended break lines

Allpro IFS skid
Allpro tranny skid
Allpro transfercase skid
AVID Offroad weld on sliders

16x8 TRD Ivan Steward offroad wheels
Dunlop Fierce Attitide 285/75-R16

Wet Okole black front/rear seat covers
Weathertech front/back floor liners
Window tint 20% all side/back windows, 35% front window.
URD short throw shifter
Garmin 3970 GPS
Garmin 60CSX topo gps
Scan gauge II

BESTOP Soft top

Here are some pics of the truck in its current state.
http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a203/extremachn1/truck%20lift/293590_10150305308512647_115221252646_7992599_9978 32979_n.jpg
http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a203/extremachn1/truck%20lift/320262_10150305324907647_115221252646_7992696_1322 680447_n.jpg

Here is my list of next mods and general time frames:
ARB Rear Locker + Onboard Air (by end of November)
Leer or A.R.E. canopy (by end of December)
Armored CBI front winch bumper and armored rear swing away (by end of February)
Dual Battery set up (by end of Novermber)
2nd set of rims to run one set of offroad tires and one set of street duty tires
Spidertrax wheel spacers
255/85-R16 KM2 M/T tires
Doug Thorley Y pipe
URD Maf calibrator
URD high flow fuel pump
Roof top rack for canopy
Onboard air tank
ARB Snorkle

That should pretty much do it for my set up. Here are some pictures of some of my recent trips over the last year.
http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a203/extremachn1/Chiva%20falls%20%20Chimney%20rock%2021%20Aug%20201 1/Kingofthehill3.jpg
http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a203/extremachn1/Chiva%20falls%20%20Chimney%20rock%2021%20Aug%20201 1/Kingofthehill2.jpg
http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a203/extremachn1/Chiva%20falls%20%20Chimney%20rock%2021%20Aug%20201 1/Kingofthehill5.jpg


Give me your guys opinions on what I have done so far and what else you would do.. Cheers and I am glad to be on the site.

10-21-2011, 11:37 PM
Thats a nice rig you've got there!:drool:

10-22-2011, 03:13 AM
IMHO here, you might just want to think a bit more about what you wanna do there. If I was to wheel certain places more I'd have 2 different rigs. My Runner for most stuff and something different for Rubicon, etc.

Here's why..

Rubicon in a nutshell, be ready for any list of minor to major body damages as well as parts breakage, and be able to afford to deal with that. Cut those low hanging side steps off there since they're rock magnets and wheel it, unless those are nerf bars versus sliders, then remove them completely and get frame mounted sliders and goto town.

From your done list there that's all there is to it other than take it easier on the go-fast pedal.

From a guy who's own build is now his daily driver and has done stuff with it, but got lucky I didn't ding up more stuff.

Don't get me wrong, it can be done no problem, time and time again, it's just at that point you're stacking the deck full of attrition cards being played against you.

10-22-2011, 07:44 AM
Thanks for the advice. I am done with the go fast goodies. I didnt put them on for go fast, I put them on for better low end and towing power which is what i achieved. I havent gone over the top with engine mods and am done with that minus a decent tune to make sure everything jives up just fine.

As for the steps, they are gone. I had those before I realized what I wanted out of the rig. As you can see from this picture I have full on sliders with kick out:
I dont have a problem with body damage, thats part of the deal with going places like Rubicon and stuff like that. I have no problem with a vehicle that dosent look pretty but is 100% functional which is what I am going for. Obviously an expo rig will not go everyplace a purpose built rock buggy/jeep will go and thats fine with me.

I do wheel my rig fairly regularly and know that breaking stuff is part of the game and will cost me, that is not a problem. So far I am reading and taking advice from people and trying to go a route that provides the best gear with most reliability. I know obviously as you upgrade one part your apt to find the next weakest link in the chain but again, thats how it goes.

Again, thanks for the advice so far. I look forward to doing some overland/wheeling with you guys on here.

11-02-2011, 04:18 AM
Nice setup. I have the same truck minus the supercharger which btw I LOVE. I agree with the torque issue.

My questjon is how do you like the allpro expo springs? Any problems? Have you had any driveline vibration issues? I currently have OEM TSB springs with toytec aal and OME nitrochargers. But want to upgrade. Dojng research to find some "real user feedback". Any words of wisdom on this product would be appreciated.

BTW....are you in Vancouver WA? I'm in Seattle but get down to hood river frequently.