View Full Version : 4th Gen-Specific 4Runner Cargo Barrier

10-30-2011, 10:06 AM
Hi all, long-time listener, first time caller... I posted this in a couple other forums, but thought some of you 4th generation owners might be interested -- I'm not affiliated with Speski Offroad, just a customer impressed with the quality and customer service...

I received a pre-production version of the new Speski Offroad cargo barrier last week. The barrier is designed so that you can fold the seats down and pass through under it if desired. Corbet has been making similar ones for 80 Series Land Cruisers for a while (you may have read some reviews here, saw them in the Jan/Feb 2011 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine, or saw some discussions in some other forums). Recognizing that no one else was making anything like it for '03-'09 4Runners, Corbet decided to add them to his repertoire and for $330, he will ship it anywhere in the contiguous 48!

Mine was delivered tightly packaged and came with all mounting hardware and written instructions. Just a few basic tools and about 30 minutes were needed to remove my rig's clothing hooks (grab handles on the models with 3rd row seating), test fit the mounting brackets, attach the barrier to the brackets, and tighten it all up. It would have gone even quicker with another set of hands, but definitely not required.

This thing is rock solid and looks great with the standard black powder coat. There is no comparison to those universal SUV barriers or netting. It fits like its OEM and integrates well with the stock cargo cover if you want it to. I am really impressed with the fit and finish and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to increase the capacity of their cargo area for gear or wanting to haul their dogs back there.