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11-14-2011, 11:03 PM
With the dust settling from my divorce, I felt it was time to jump back into an expo vehicle. I was forced to sell my very well equipped FJ60 a while back and found myself left with a high mileage 2WD F-150 and a Mustang SVO out of an original collection of 10 very cool cars and trucks. I have been doing months of research trying to sort out what vehicle could replace my FJ60 and still give me a little hauling ability (I have an assortment of rescued animals and hauling feed/ hay and a horse trailer in an emergency are necessary). I narrowed my choice down to a Tacoma DC and figured that I could swing a strong deal trading my F-150 and buying a left over 2011 model as we approach the end of the year. Armed with too much information and the knowledge that I could walk away if the deal wasn't good, I started hitting the local dealers. Sure enough, I got the hard sell on a 2011 DC 4x4 TRD Sport w/ manual transmission. Problem is, I really wanted the Off Road package, not the Sport, and I wanted an automatic (manual was not an option for me unless the deal was too good to be true). Nevertheless, I let the salesman and his "manager" push and plead with me to make the deal. They kept raising my trade amount and dropping the new truck price. I tossed in a few options that I wanted and they offered to include them below cost....you know the drill. Before I was ready to leave, my trade had gone up $2K over the first offer and the price on the truck was about $1500 below invoice. I finally stood up and said, I like the deal but I need it to be a TRD Off Road with an automatic and then I left. Next day, the "truck manager" called to let me know he had found the truck I wanted and would I make the deal that day. Sure, why not. So I arrived later that day to discover that the truck he had found was actually a 2012!! Brand spanking new!! The build date on the tag is 11/11, less than a week old!! Ok, where do I sign? 2 hours later, I was driving home with my new beauty.

Build plans: First will be a factory roof rack (they threw that in as part of the deal), a roof basket, tent platform in the bed with a RTT, tool box that will house a compressor and equipment, fridge platform for the rear fold-down seat, ARB bumper w/ winch, extra spare carrier, requisite spring upgrades etc. It will be a gradual build and I will be enjoying trips as it evolves. I'll include regular build updates as they occur.

washington taco
11-15-2011, 07:08 AM
Nice ride!

11-24-2011, 12:34 AM
Love the Truck. I think I am going to get one at the beginning of the year.