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12-02-2011, 01:27 AM
Good evening

First of all this is a pretty dang cool forum and I really appreciate all the good stuff that goes on here wiht out the BS that goes on on some other sites. I have been a long time lurker and a member for a while but I dont think I have ever posted before, So I figured I would introduce myself.
My name is Sam and I'm from Prescott AZ and now live in Flagstaff. I have been driving my 89extra cab toyota since shortly after I could drive. just about 240k on her. I just recently up graded my life to a 05 access cab Tacoma ( 6psd,Turd Off road ). Lot the same but lots different too. I dont know whether I can say I do "expeditions" but we do some pretty serious hunting all over the southwest about 100 days a year, mostly we just get in to places we shoulda left alone! My family and I have alot of fun in the WAY back country and rely on our good ol trucks to get around and get back.
I probably spend more time on here reading than I should but I have learned a TON!.

My question comes from the recent poll and thread about TacoDOC looking to get some new tires. There seem two be two separate questions that needed to be asked first what size and then what kind. The size determined which kind of tired you can look at and what kind of modification you had to do to your rig.

Well I was surprised to see no one talk about 235-85 r16, several tires are made in that size but for some reason they get over looked. I was just wondering if I was missing something as to why they aren't that common for taco guys wanting a tire beween 31 and 33 inches.

From my limited knowledge of the tire world it seems though a 265-75-r16 works out to be 803mm tall (31.3") and 265mm wide (10.43") similarly the
235-85-r16 are 808mm tall (31.8") and 235mm wide (9.25") I used to run these on an old ford truck and they were a little bit cheaper than the 265's and they were just a hair lighter too.

Are there any guys/gals out there that have run them and had something go bad (that wasn't brand related)? are they just "too" narrow for some folks liking?

Lemme know your thoughts.

Thanks again for all the cool people on here always willing to help.
I'll post up a picture of my rigs some time.


12-02-2011, 02:06 AM
First, welcome to the Forum and I don't think your question is dumb.

Second, I wouldn't get hung up on the term "expedition". Many of us (me included) are just weekend / weeklong warriors.

Third, here's a link in another sub-forum on the Portal where you can chase several other threads related to 235/85 tires.


12-02-2011, 02:39 AM
Thanks CLEVER, Those links were great.
I guess Im not up very good at running the search, I tried a few combos of 235-85 combos and came up empty, I probably had some silly button clicked only looking in the classifieds or something!
And I only kid with the "expeditions" comment. I get out there and expedition quite often.

A friend says its not an adventure till something goes terribly wrong... I guess most my expeditions turn into adventures. sounds like a lot of you guys are the same way.

12-02-2011, 01:53 PM
I ran 235/85/16's on my '04 Taco and liked them. I would have put 235/85's on my 4runner back in August if the local Discount tire would have had my chosen tire (Hankook Dyna Pro ATM) in that size, but they didn't, so I stuck with 265/75's.

IMO the 265's look a little bit better on the 4runner. I think the 4runner looks nicer with slightly 'fat' tires. However, performance-wise, I think 235's are just as good, maybe even a little better in snow where the skinny tire will give a little more ground pressure & traction than a fatter tire would.

12-02-2011, 05:24 PM
235/85r16 is a great size but it is an E rated tire so it can be pretty stiff for a light truck and not as ready available as others, its a dually tire. Also one thing to keep in mind when looking at tires is the size is almost never the true size. like the 265/75r16 as you said 31.30" x 10.43" but my 265/75r16 are 32.2" x 8.75", and 235/85r16 are 32" x 7" a most of the time.

12-02-2011, 07:45 PM
I notice that on some other forums too. Personally I run 245/75/16, I think ... Anyway, they're cheaper/lighter than the 265's and increased my mileage about 1 MPG. I have no answer for your question, however.