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12-13-2011, 02:11 PM
I recently ended up with this 07 Tundra conversion. It was done by an Engineer buddy of mine who just moved to Hawaii for work and didnt want to ship this over. I'm now sellling this for him and we both hope it goes to someone who can really use it. Its pretty much one of a kind and was told this was a good place to share this. Hope this forum is the proper place - didnt see anywhere else to list something for sale like this!! Kind of like to get some feedback anyway. The only mechanical issue is one of the rear suspension bladders needs repair. My buddy was four wheeling and he said it went off like a bomb and startled the crap out of him. Shouldnt cost too much to fix. It's riding down in the rear in the pictures a bit because of this. There is tons of space inside although its kind of still just a (very) big box inside. My buddy would just throw down his sleeping bag inside and packed the back with bikes, gear etc. I'm actually having a blast driving this thing around here in Santa Barbara looking down at everyone. You get a lot of looks and it starts a lot of conversations. This is very clean and well done. If anyone knows someone who may be interested in continuing this project hook me up. Thanks!!

2007 Toyota Tundra (white) modified for Expedition/Adventure or Work Truck
5.7 liter V8
52,000 miles
Good overall mechanical condition (friend who built this is mechanical Engineer-meticulous)
Clean title Went through smog with flying colors
California registration good through 2012

Blue Book Value unmodified: $22,486
Asking: $25,000 OBO All Reasonable Offers Considered

Additional custom options:

-Heavy Duty Pro-Comp Suspension with 6 Lift/Adjustable Pneumatic Suspension in Rear
-Custom Front Bumper Driving / Fog Lights
-Remote Start System
-Towing Package
-Large Sturdy Custom Shell
-LED interior lighting system
-remote control power vent system front and back
-Power Windows/Driver Seat
-Backup Camera & Lights
-ARB Fridge/Freezer ($1100 new)
-Xantrex Prosine 3.0 Inverter/Charger ($3500 new)
-Large deep cell utility battery (MK)
-Storage under rear deck
-Sanyo Solar Panel (over $1000 new currently not working)
-Premium Alpine Audio / GPS/ Video System with Remote Control (over $1400 new)
-Custom Speakers in Shell (sound excellent)

12-13-2011, 02:29 PM
That's different. I am not in the market, but interior shots are going to be helpful. You might want to put this in the Classifieds section under vehicles. It might get more looks there.

12-13-2011, 04:34 PM
Didnt see the the classified section - found it. Will also add some inside pics. Appreciate the comments

12-14-2011, 01:18 AM
I have one of those in my backyard already or would buy this one. Oh wait, mine is 10x12 in size and does not have the wheels or 4 wheel drive.

I guess it is like they say in Brazil "For every a@@ there is a seat.

Good luck with the sale