View Full Version : Bench to buckets with a Tuffy console '06 single cab.

01-05-2012, 06:41 PM
Looking for something a little more comfortable than the factory bench seat in the 2nd generation single Tacoma, I tried sourcing some sport bucket seats, but had no luck. I was able to find a set of used SR5 seats for a reasonable price that came from a wrecked vehicle.
I'm familiar enough with these seats as I have them in my double cab and find them comfortable enough.

The buckets are a direct bolt in. You just need to cut the carpet and expose the holes that are preformed in the body. The seat belts do not match, so I reused the inner belt portion from the bench seat. The wire harness' and pressure pad were also gutted from the bench to use with the bucket seats. I'm still sorting out the driver side airbag as the seat position indicators are on opposite seat rails from the bench and bucket seats.


Next, I ordered a Tuffy-012 universal console which fit perfectly between the 2 bucket seats. The transmission tunnel goes from high to low from front to rear. The universal leveling bracket that is provided with the console was just a little too tall. Luckily I had a couple of old 2 inch body lift pucks laying around that levelled the console out nicely:sombrero:. A few holes drilled through the floor and done.

A secure lockable console with 2 more beverage holders, cause every 2 seater should be able to hold 8 beverages:elkgrin: