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01-15-2012, 04:52 AM
See thread at http://www.expeditionportal.com/foru...per-Quick-Sale

One of our ExPo Portal family members--Travis S.--has suffered the sad, sudden loss of his father and could use some help with funeral expenses.

In the above thread, he has posted the quick sale of some of his gear to try to raise money quickly to cover the costs of the funeral of his father.

Let's take a moment to help this guy out. And if you can, also help out by Re-Posting this in other threads so more people see it!

I propose that as many of us as possible should decide to donate something to help out.......for example, maybe donate the equivalent cost of a decent 6 pack of beer, $7.50 to $10.00...that is something we can all afford even in this bad economy!

Please pledge a donation to Travis S. and post your pledge here. Also, re-post this Request in other threads of the ExPo Portal so it will get the attention of as many folks as possible.

I will post here the Mailing Address and Name of the Recipient of these Donations as soon as I see that this idea has caught fire.......and I will start this off with a pledge of $20.00...

This is not a scam and I urge you to help out one of our deserving members.......please note that we are doing this out of the goodness of our hearts in support of our ExPo Portal brother......he has not asked for this help but otherwise must sell his gear to cover these funeral cost, so let's help Travis keep his gear!

We have cross posted this request are are getting a good response. We really are making this happen!

See cross posted responses of ExPo Portal Members pledging donations for funeral expense help at:


And also at:

You can help too....please help promote this and consider making a small donation yourself.


01-15-2012, 07:36 PM
Hey Guys and Gals,

It has been suggested that we combined the several threads coordinating donations
for funeral expense help from kind hearted and generous ExPo members.

Soooooooooo if you can join us here with even a small donation to help out Travis
and his family with their funeral expenses (compare it to skipping one purchase of a
6 pack of a decent beer, maybe?)...

Please go over to the thread here that has refers to the start of this project and also has
info on the PayPal account set up for the donations:


Thanks for helping.......and I apologize for any confusion caused by cross-posting

Bailey, in Southern AZ