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Thread: Expedition Sidecar

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    That 1st BMW with a single side swing arm on the leading link front end is something special. I wonder if the sidecar runs the same wheel.

    The amount of rake on the blue BMW is interesting too. I bet it is stable on the straights and a pig in the corners.

    But these are some great examples. I think my “expedition” traveling by motorcycle is over. I too many injuries make it uncomfortable and dangerous. But my wife and I have been discussing making another sidecar outfit to use internationally. The ability to ship it airfreight in 2 boxes as well as the higher level of interaction with the locals compared to 4 wheel travel is enticing. This would be for shorter trips rather than living in the truck for extended periods.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuman Desert Rat View Post
    Yes! Thanks. I ould LOVE a side car... just cant justify the $$cost for what I want... someday, maybe...
    Build your own !!
    I have built 2 and both cost me well under $1,000 ( not including the Bike ) !!.

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