Thread: Post pictures of your Land Rover.

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    My old landy LARA.

    I miss her lots...

    Good eye-candy for the winter thou. I have loved looking at all the pics

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    Now there's a nice selection of 110 defenders and even an ex-southern electric or gas 130.........sorry series trucks.......

    Man your all making me jealous, I need to take a trip home and spend a week dismantling something and packing it in crates..........

    well any way heres my tonka toy.....mild and not wild......
    2000 D2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green96D1
    Funrover you got some serious Flex!
    Thanks man, I am still working on her!!

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    My LR3, with coilovers, not air shocks:

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    Quote Originally Posted by nwoods
    My LR3, with coilovers, not air shocks:
    Nice LR3! I've never had the opportunity to look closely at these vehicles, what are your overall impressions?
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    bfoxg8tr, That Jeep in the background looks familiar The pictures turned out awesome!

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    Default My Turn..

    New guy around here, but proud of my Defender none-the-less...
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    Well Golly, I was going to pass on this tread since everyone has seen pictures of The Green Rover. But 2008 marks the thirtieth year I've owned my rig, so I'll do a time lapse photo set.

    March 1978, She was a worn out broken down 109 pickup. I paid $350 and towed her home

    In 1980 I swapped the pickup top for a full top. She worked as a farm vehicle from 1978 through 1992. This picture is from around 1986. She was used to haul livestock, manure, fire wood and feed. She also served as my commute vehicle driving me the 45 miles to work & home over a mountain range 5 days a week.

    Most of those years she went topless during the summer months with the roof going back on just before the county fair in September.

    In 1992 I sold all the livestock, my tractor and the gear. The Green Rover became a lady of leisure and I started using a little of the free time for camping

    Mud run camp ground about 1995 I set up my kitchen outside under a tarp (it was raining) and slept inside on the floor.

    In 1996 I brought home a damaged Dormobile kit that was salvaged from a wrecked Dormobile. It took me a year to rebuild my trusty work Rover into a long range Land Rover Dormobile.

    I completed the rebuild at the end of August 1997 and immediately took The Green Rover out on a 3 month long camping trip to see how the conversion worked.

    I put a great deal of effort into designing a comfortable interior that I could live in during any kind of weather.

    During the year from fall 1997 through fall 1998 I had a convergence of money and time (probably the only time in my life this will happen). During a 52 week period I was out camping on the trail for 20 of those weeks. I traveled from Jasper British Columbia to the Mexican border and from the Pacific to the Atlantic, making a complete tour around the Great Lakes, and spending a lot of time in the four corners area. It was about as nice a year as I have experienced. The Picture above was in Eastern Montana.

    Since then I've traveled and camped in The Green Rover as I could afford it. The picture below is from my latest trip, 2007-2008 New Years on the Mojave Trail

    More trips coming
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    She's not real exotic, but then neither am I.

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