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Thread: Expedition M116 Pioneer Tool Trailer Build Thread

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    I like what you are building, I like the double hinge doors and rack.

    I had gotten a lot of crap from the SS purists when I painted my M101A2 Red.
    But after they saw my ideas and CHEAP conversions and builds some changed their minds.

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    This is a hobby for me. Might as well have fun with it. I try to post what I have learned over the years from my mistakes so that maybe it will save others time and money.


    I like it. If you ever have another one of those trailers, bring to Colorado for a wheeling, camping, drinking, profitable trip.
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    Great job looks really nice, like the way you put some articulation in the lid on the trailer. Do you mind me asking what you paid for the initial trailer?

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    that is a great build
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    Nice modifications! Looks like a great build...
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    Default Nice! Love the Pioneers

    Great looking trailer. I have the same one. I went with a telescoping roof rack so I did not have to cut the doors. Only thing is I have to raise the rack to open the door. Swapped axles and did a spring under so my tent annex room was not too high off the ground.IMG_1289.jpgIMG_1326.jpg
    I have not decided on a kitchen setup yet. Probably going to go the rear door with that. I have a 40 gallon water tank on the interior directly over the axle so that limits my kitchen placement. With 3 small kids they need a spray down every night! (if not hourly). I thought about doing a swing out kitchen on the rear so that it swings underneath my side awning. Don't know how that would go though...

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    Haven't had time to do much with the trailer lately (been working on a generator trailer), but here is a pic of it setup (quickly) from last weekend (was about to rain and I didn't feel like pulling it open in the middle of the rain).

    Hoping to take pics of the kitchen setup next time.

    Some pics of the generator trailer for fun.

    Just gotta add fenders and some jerry can brackets and she will be ready to go.
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    I built a trailer very similar to this is well, glad to share my results of you are still active with this site. Cheers

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    Nice build, nice shop and a nice collection of vehicles! Impressive!!!
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    Hope you fix the pics... please download to here instead of hosting elsewhere this time.

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