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    Default Working TRRS iPhone cable for BaoFeng UV-5R+

    I got TX and RX both working with PocketPacket, but it took a little experimentation. Here's my schematic

    BaoFeng to iPhone TRRS Cable 2.png
    Also at

    I used a small cap and 3 resistors to trick the iPhone into thinking a microphone was connected. I snagged that part of the schematic from

    I used a small decoupling cap on the speaker out of the radio. Not sure why this was necessary, but in my testing it made receipt of packets much more reliable.

    I used a diode to trick the radio into not activating PTT while still (sorta) connecting the grounds. This is certainly a hack, and I'm very open to better ideas.

    On my radio, volume is maxed, vox is set to 2, squelch is set to 1. On my iPhone volume is also maxed.

    Feedback is much appreciated, I'll probably do a board design that plugs straight into the BaoFeng once I get the design hammered out.

    - KK6GIP (John)
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