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Thread: Yet Another LR Owner Rears His Ugly Head

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    Default Yet Another LR Owner Rears His Ugly Head

    Hello All,
    Iíve been lurking for sometime and found this forum after friend loaned me a couple Overland Journals to look at. I currently own two Land Rovers but have had Isuzus and Toyotas. Our overland adventures are usually never more than a long camping/kayaking weekend spent in the hills and hollers of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. I would love to spend a month or two exploring the four corners region and the area around Moab.

    Heres whatís leaking in the garage and on the drive way:
    1971 Series IIA 109 Ex-MoD
    Iíve owned it for nine years and have upgraded things here and there to make it more reliable and perform better off road.

    1998 Discovery Series I
    I have purchased this vehicle twice. I bought it new in November of 1997 and sold it in 2003. I Feb. of 2007 I tracked down the owner and asked if he would be willing to part with it. I purchased it for a second time in May of last year - 160,000 miles and still chugging along. This is the vehicle I would like to make into a reliable go-anywhere, long-haul camping, exploring, and kayak hauling machine.

    As if owning two Land Rovers isnít bad enough. My new bride had to put up with the legendary green oval at our recent wedding. Transport from the church to the reception via a friends Defender 110

    Whatís better than a large green Land Rover oval? A chocolate Land Rover oval!

    If any of your travels ever bring you to SW Missouri, please look me up. I can always make myself available for a cold brew and a Land Rover story.

    Great site you have going here. I look forward to soaking it all up.

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    Iíd rather die while Iím living Ė than live while Iím deadĒ
    -Jimmy Buffett

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    Welcome to ExPo! Quite the impressive stable you have there and your hardcore devotion to the marque is quite evident from the photos. I've heard of bleeding green but I think eating it and marrying it (o.k. in it) is new to me.
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    NICE!!!!! You have some great Rovers and that cake looks good!
    '92 Range Rover

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    Great to have you here. You already fit in though, all your Rovers are ExPo white
    Scott Brady
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    Default cult

    I'm beginning to understand what the "cult of Solihull" is all about.

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    Wow... those are so damn nice. I'm espescialy in love with the 109 Ex-MOD...Yes I said it, I'm in love with a Rover.

    Welcome to the Expo.


    *EMS/Fire/Rescue/Winderness EMS guy... it comes in handy from time to time.*
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    Nice 109, and that cake looks fabulous! BTW, welcome too.

    99 D2

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Loving the MoD 109! I like the fact that even after 4 years you had to track the Disco down and reacquire her, fantastic!
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    Geeze! I'm starting to feel like a senior around here!

    It is obvious by all the nice trucks and his new wifes aknowledgment of his problem that our new friend DD has the disease, seems to be in a highly advanced stage as well.. He's come to the right place!

    "Hello, my name is Keith and I own a Land Rover.. er.. well five"

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