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    Does anyone know of IRLP nodes that cover Moab and/or the Rubicon?

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    I do not know, but the site does have various ways to search for nodes like zip code, city, or even lat-long.

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    I am very interested in weather or not you can get out to an IRLP node from Moab. From what I can see use the google earth plugin, looks like there should be a few repeaters in range closest are in Mesa about 60 - 70 miles away node 3467 UHF and 3161 VHF. The next closest are about 90 miles out in Castle Dale 3270 and 3280 both UHF and then 3576 VHF in Manti is about 130 miles away.

    Rubicon/Tahoe looks like there are a bunch of nodes about 30 miles away in the Reno area both VHF/UHF and then some more to the southwest towards Sacramento about 60 miles away

    Give the Google earth a try makes finding nodes realy easy.
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