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Thread: CT90 or ?

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    Ct's are pretty lousy for a whole bunch of reasons. 240 pounds roughly. Near zero suspension. Handling is terrible. I have had several and cant figure out why people want them. Top speed around 35-40, bad brakes.
    209lbs wet with aux tank & 3/4 fuel load & front rack - just weighed mine... Can't defend them on suspension & handling & brakes except at 110 speeds what's the issue? Comfort? More comfortable than a horse or mule or walking... They sure could use a design update! BUT this being expedition portal there isn't another choice out there as good at being the bike you take off your bumper to go where your "mother ship" can't - in National Parks too as they are street legal unlike a Rokon (which is admittedly far superior off trail). Finally it all comes down to the bikes weight & dual range. It can go SLOW enough to walk it up most anything you can walk up and a slightly stronger that average male can lift it over stuff. As a 2 guy CT tag team & some rope you can drag them over some serious washouts & minor cliffs...

    You can two up self rescue on any sort of dirt road if your main rig gets bogged - not comfortably but safely...and you could run on the shoulder of many freeways if you had to...All in all a great "lifeboat" for wildland travel.

    Also they are light enough to run up a steep ramp so the hitch mount can be way up there & not mess with your entrance/exit angle. get fist bumped by armored up guys on orange bikes in the middle of nowhere just because you are soooo cool...Moe

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    Is it bad that I get on the Honda Motorcycle's Mexico website and drool from the want?

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    Well this is back from the dead....I ended up selling my 110 to buy an xl185 which I then sold and bought a BMW F650 Funduro which I then sold and am now motorcycle less and will probably stay that way.....maybe.

    Around town the CT110 went faster than 35 and in my opinion handled just fine since it was so low and light. I loved running errands on that thing.....every ride was an epic. Low range with no clutch is amazing for putzing around fire roads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 82fb View Post
    Any of them are more fun than the ct90's. Well, maybe not the Rokon!
    not to thread jack, but the rokon's look awesome, are they too hardcore for casual use?

    As for alternatives to a CT90, we have two Sachs MadAss 125's. They will go 55 mph+, we have some enduro like tires and have had a blast with them in the dirt and road, and we keep them on the front of the Unimog. Great for beer runs when the rig is parked up somewhere. More details in our blog.

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    This Guy Mark here in Australia has done 2 postie bikes up and does long distances on and off road Love his Bikes and the way he has gone about setting them up for Travel hope you like the link :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiomon View Post
    not to thread jack, but the rokon's look awesome, are they too hardcore for casual use?
    They have wide, aggressive tires, and steer funny in good traction situations. They top out around 30mph. They are kind of like riding a 2 wheel lawn tractor. Those are the downsides. Upsides are the simple lawnmower engine. Easy pull start, hop on and go pretty much anywhere fairly comfortably and put a huge rack on the front and back to haul stuff. I can't ride on road in CA, and live in town right now, so not too much casual use for me, but if I lived on a 5 acre or more lot, I would use it all the time. Anything over 100 yards and I would be time ahead to hop on the Rokon.

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