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Thread: Triple-purpose JK Build

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    Default Triple-purpose JK Build

    Hi everyone,

    It looks like starting a build-up thread is quite the tradition, so I might as well start one too. :-)

    In 2006 I was very close to buying a custom built Defender 110 from out west -- all the good shops seam to be on the West coast, at least in Canada -- but around the same time the new Jeep JK 4-door came out. We were looking for something big enough to haul around our dog training gear (field retrieve and dog sledding), canoe-camping stuff, and take us pretty far off-road. We ordered the Unlimited (4-door) Rubicon model with manual tranny, dual tops, side airbags, etc., etc. It took 5 months before we finally had it. And here she was...

    This wasn't just our first Jeep, it was our first vehicle! We live right downtown, don't have a parking, and the subway or walking is often just as fast. But we were getting tired of renting minivans to get out of the city. So anyway, here we are, with a Jeep, and wondering about all the things we could do with it. We'd already planned on adding a roof rack, and to strengthen the mount points, we started with corner guards. Here's me and my father-in-law giving us a hand.

    Next was the Tuffy center console...

    Then a new Magnaflow exhaust...

    Cibie headlights (the OEMs are pretty bad)...

    Follow by a Jet Chip stage 1, Misch arm rests and Tuffy locking cubby cover...

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    Next was an sPod Source to switch AUX lights...

    A CoolTech switch panel...

    Shrockworks Rock Sliders, with my father-in-law giving me a hand...

    New wheels and tires, but still no lift...

    AEV front bumper (used a friend's garage for this one)...

    Front and Rear Riddler diff covers...

    Cb antenna mount...

    Garvin roof rack...

    Winch, bumper-mounted off-road lights, and new horns...

    Tuffy overhead console with Cobra CB...

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    Autometer gauges for oil pressure, water temp, and voltmeter...

    We also installed a Full Traction 3" Ultimate lift by the time we attended the 2007 Maine Jeep Jamboree...

    And here she is today...

    So far we've installed...

    Summer Tires and Wheels
    Toyo Open Country MT LT285/75R16 (33x11.5")
    Procomp 7189-6873 16x8" 5on5" 4.5" BS
    Winter Tires and Wheels
    Toyo M-55 (US Model) LT285/75R16 (33x11.5")
    American Racing Mojave with Teflon 16x8" 5on5" 4.5" BS
    Riddler Diff Covers
    Full Traction 3 Inch Ultimate Lift
    sPod Source and CoolTech Switch Mount
    Cibie Headlight Swap
    AEV Front Bumper
    Bosch Compact 100A Yellow Fog Lights
    Cibie Oscar Driving Lights on Front Bumper
    Warn 9.5si Winch
    Shrockworks Rock Sliders
    AEV Corner Guards
    Garvin Roof Rack
    Tuffy Center Console
    Tuffy Cubby Cover
    Tuffy Overhead Console
    Cobra 29WXNWST CB Radio
    Misch Arm Rests
    Optima Battery
    Painless 7 Circuit Aux Fuse Block
    Autometer Gauges
    Hella Superton Horn Set
    Jet Chip Stage 1
    Magnaflow Exhaust
    Quick Air 2 Portable
    Ravelco Anti-Theft Device

    And since this was our first vehicle, we also had to get equipped with tools, shackles, snatch blocks, straps, jacks, etc., etc., etc.

    Phew! We were well on our way to enjoying a great dual purpose truck, but as the title said, this is going to be a triple-purpose Jeep... After doing the Jeep Jamboree, and few other trails, we started thinking of using our Jeep in conjunction with our canoe-camping trips - maybe using the Jeep as a base camp. Well, that's about the time I found ExPo and a whole new world opened up! :-) So this Jeep will be a triple-purpose vehicle; daily driver, off-road/trail truck, and expedition vehicle.

    Ordered and waiting to go on are; Rock Hard engine, tcase and gas tank skids, Hannibal 2.4m awning, ARB fridge, 2nd battery, Expedition One rear bumper and tire carrier, Superior front & rear axle shafts, Poly Performance drag link and tie-rod, Alpine HU (to make room for a 2nd switch panel)...

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    Wow, sweet jeep. Mine will look similar....some day.

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    Wow, Love the jeep and the color! I'm still torn between one day building a 2001 XJ or getting a rubicon JK and building that after I'm done with my current rig.. but yours is very nice!
    Hard Times Deserve An Iron Smile. 1999 Jeep Cherokee Ltd. 4x4 AW4 Tranny, NP242, Hack N Tap SYE, Tom Woods Custom Drive Shaft, 7.5" RE Bastard Susp. Lift, HPD30 Front&D44 Rear locked with ARB Lockers, Yukon 4.88's, USA Alloy Axle Shafts, ARB Snorkel, TNT Front Bumper, RIGID Rear/W. Tire Carrier, AJ's Rock Rails, Front and Rear Diff armor, Tomken Gastank Skid, Rubi Tranny Skid, Bilstein Res. Shocks, TrXus Mud Terrains, Cragar Steels, HD Currie Steering, Hella 500(X2) Cobra CB..And much more..

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    nice ride!
    98 xj, 97 tj, cdn 101 (base camp),09 klr 650, surly long haul trucker, bianchi single speed, treadlightly trainer

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    JK looks great.

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    Love it!!!!!!
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    Very Nice!!! Just about the way I would build one. Actually I figure if I get to the point of replacing our Cherokee, this is what I want.... but in a deisel.

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    I love it! Looks great... just about the way I would have set one up! Awesome job on a first vehicle!

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