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    On the road, somewhere in the West
    Leaving Petrolia I headed south through the hills of the Lost Coast. I had planned to go just a few miles to another BLM campsite near the tiny community of Honeydew, but the area’s main industry was becoming way too obvious. Being harvest time, crowds of “trimmigrants” invade the area looking for work trimming the harvested bud. People migrate from all over, even from outside the US, to the area looking for the lucrative work but only a few succeed in finding jobs. The few sites at Honeydew campground were taken over with dozens of tents of hopeful trimmigrants. The town was packed with vehicles at the little general store.

    And continuing the route south, mile after mile of the lovely road was lined with fencing and the telltale smell of the grow operations.

    I ended up all the way down at Shelter Cove. The road makes a long descent from the mountains down to the quiet resort community. Shelter Cove has a marina but without docks, boats are stored on dry land. Tractors haul boats down a hill to this cove where they are launched.

    A view from one of the many overlooks along the town’s shoreline.

    Looking north from the north edge of Shelter Cove at the King Range. Hikers from Mattole Beach exit the Lost Coast Trail here, most taking 4 days for the difficult beach hike.

    Back up the mountain from Shelter Cove I turned down this road to stay at one of the BLM campgrounds in the southern end of the King Range.

    There’s a lot more to see of the Lost Coast; the Sinkyone Widerness continues south from Shelter Cove Road. But it was time for me to get moving and the next day I headed back to the 101.

    That’s all for this update, thanks for following!

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    We explored the Lost Coast in our Land Cruiser a few years back in the fall. Awesome place but yeah you have to be careful of the grow operations. Love catching up on your thread. This was bummer in with all fires we had in the NW.

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    That is some stunning country,thanks for the great pictures and commentary.
    Now that MJ is legal in CA I have been catching a whiff of the crop as I drive around this fall.
    I was in Takilma OR in the 70's,I didn't know about growing before my backpacking trip in the area.There were no trespassing signs all over,one had a skull and cross bones.I stopped in a gas station/store,they must of had every rolling paper made....the guy working the counter was looking at me like my truck said DEA on the side! I filled the tank and got out of Dodge.
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    That is a beutifull area that I would like to see. It's to bad it's being ruined by growing drugs. Sadly, I think the whole west coast is going this way. i was in CO a couple years ago, it was terrible in some of the towns. It's sad.
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    Thank you for sharing, i have now also added " the lost coast" to my google maps to visit list.

    I will add, as far as horses go. A string, or team usually refers to horses being worked. String, is in reference to a pack string of mules or horses, tailed together. And Team refers to the horses hooked up and pulling a wagon, plow, etc. Remuda, is a term for broke horses that could be ridden/worked. Herd usually refers to horses in a group that are wild. In short herd or remuda is accurate. I've spent the majority of my life in the company of animals, livestock, and exoctic alike.

    I like the " zeal " of zebras as i was only familiar with the term " dazzle" of zebras. ( I spent quite some time seeing an exotic animal trainer, she introduced me to many a critter, although her speciality was Elephants)

    Thank you for sharing for those of use who are in between travels, or unable to do so. Happy trails
    Happy Trails & Safe Travels
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    I have family on the North Coast. The economic impact of growing legally has been a good thing from a employment stand point. The fishery biz has been in decline as is the lumber biz. The new biz is Not so good from a affordable home stand point given the Grow boom has pushed property values up.

    The major negative that has grown in CA are the illegal grows conducted on public and private lands without approval using stolen water and banned pesticides, varmit poisons and illegal out of season hunting etc.

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    Well said. Back to you kennyj, thanks for the fine thread. Much enjoyed.
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    Hi Kenny,

    I've made it all the way through and like everyone else, wait for new posts so we can travel along. One day I'm just going to sell all my junk and hit the road, so I had a few questions.

    You stay in some fairly remote spots, ever have any troubles? Do you get lonely or do you get enough interaction with whoever is around? What do you do as far as receiving mail and paying bills? Ever wish you had a different setup? A 4x4 and a teardrop trailer? A roof top tent? A small towable RV? A small motor home towing a 4x4? What do you like and not like about your setup? Did you initially budget enough $ to have fun or do you find yourself having to watch the money? Not to get too personal, but what would a guy have to have for monthly income to do what you're doing?

    Thanks Kenny, enjoying following along, even if I'm a little jealous. Live to the fullest and stay safe.

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    Another great update. Thank you, Kenny

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    so. many. beautiful campsites.
    Are we there yet?

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