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    Hi everybody!

    Here I put some pictures of my Vanagon Syncro. I'm from Barcelone (Spain) and this is a very special Syncro, with a lot of improvement. Here is a resume:

    - We made a trip around West Africa (until Ghana and come back). We put a VW TDI engine (AHU, 90HP) three years ago, but before the start of the trip we made a lot of improvements on the syncro. All of this improvements were made in a official workshop in Barcelona (Motorsol Import Pere IV) with Original Volkswagen Classic Parts. They put a new cooling sistem with two radiators, all the pipeline news, thermostat and new fun. They dismantled the entire transmision. Well, I put the improvements estep by step, right?

    - New suspension. Trail Master Stage 2 (+4cm)
    - New suspension caps
    - All new rubber parts
    - New bearings and bushings
    - They reinforced the front arms
    - New auxiliary alluminium fuel tank under the body
    - New CV's
    - New CV's dustcovers
    - New gearbox rods (when we had returned the gearbox was changed for a new one, original VW Classic Parts too with front and rear diff locks)
    - New gearbox gaskets
    - New clutch (and a second one when we changed the gearbox)
    - In the engine, they put a new turbo
    - New gaskets
    - They reviewed valves and seals
    - New timing belt
    - New injectors and glow plugs
    - Oils, filters and so...
    - They mount a hand made snorkel and put a sportive air filter with a ciclonic pre-filter
    - New exhaust
    - New disc brakes at the front axel and drums at the rear
    - New brake calipers and new brake bowlers
    - 6 original 16" rims with Dunlop AT/SA 235/75/16 tires
    - New front hubs
    - Rebalancing cardan
    - New visco

    - All original Carthago interior
    - Weinsberg pop roof
    - Heater
    - ISRI rotatory seats
    - Two AGM batteries
    - Nasa BM-1 batteries controller
    - Solar panel
    - Thermal insulation for windows
    - Fiama awning
    - Westfalia water tank under the rear seat

    - Syncro 16 front protector
    - Rear ladder
    - Two rear spare wheel carrier
    - Towbar
    - Front power lights

    Well, sorry for my english, but I think that you will understand what I'm trying to say...

    And a few pictures:

    And so...

    Well, and this Syncro is for sale. If you are interested on, please contact me.


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    A beautiful van, I hope you find the right buyer!

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    Thanks syncroluvr!


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    Very neat van! I would drive it! (-:}
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    The Syncro was sold... :-(

    Firma: 20.000 km por África en una T3 Syncro.

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