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Thread: Fleetwood Neon

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4x4junky View Post
    Some updates of the Neon that we modified this summer. Turned out really well and can be taken just about anywhere you can get a lifted Rubicon Wrangler!
    I'm in the process of buying a Neon frok a fellow off-roader and would like to modify it like yours... do you have build info anywhere ?

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    I wish I could find one of these for sale locally, I think it is the perfect solution to my families needs.

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    Shame your not on the east coast. Just put mine up for sale. It's here in the Fs camper section. But I'm in ne pa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cruiser View Post
    If anybody is looking for a neon,, Harolds RV in Bath Pa has a 2006? Brand new never used one in stock for sale..
    Reviving dead thread, but I bought this one from Harolds... . I've been collecting parts to lift it. Hopefully in the next couple months I'll get it rolling on 31" ATs. Here's my build thread over on OffroadSC:

    What are people using for hitches? My LJ is only lifted 2" on 33's, so I'm concerned that the tongue of the trailer will be too high for the Jeep when I'm done. And I don't think I can run a drop hitch flipped over without having issues with the Jeep spare tire.

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    I have just purchased a used Neon, I'm curious why you removed the fenders.. was there a conflict with the larger diameter wheels and tires? I could use about 4 inches of lift, but because I'm towing with a Nissan I'm not going to be able to match the hubs between the TV and the trailer (on my budget). I would however really like to get a bigger diameter trailer tire.
    2010 Xterra OFFROAD

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    I am looking into some heat for the cooler months. I know Webasto/Espar/Planar make decent units and there is an (obvious) knock-off from China with pretty good pricepoint. Anyone get one of these? I know if it broke, getting parts may be hard, but we are talking 1/2 to 1/3 the price. Just looking for feedback past the obvious knock-off lessons... Hopefully from someone that got one of these...


    Ebay link:
    Land Rover D90, home built
    Fleetwood Neon, home customized:

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