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Thread: DAKAR 2015

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    Quote Originally Posted by haven View Post
    Robby Gordon won the final day's stage. I think this is the first Dakar that Gordon finished.
    Negative.. He's finished quite a few..

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    I could watch a 5 hour documentary on the Robby Gordon support truck
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    ^ It was fun to follow RG this year. Hopefully next year will be his year....

    Quote Originally Posted by java View Post
    Navigation plays a huge part in this race. They are not always on a road, and being able to read your roadbook (navigation notes) is very important. If your cruising down a road and it says turn right at km126.4, you had better turn right at 126.4 even if that means going off the road and straight across a dirt expanse. On this last stage the winner averaged 55.xx MPH, thats FAST over 175 miles.

    Roadbook for a bike. Its electrically activated, there is a switch on the bars to roll it forward. You have to keep an eye on your odo vs the roadbook. No GPS is allowed in the Dakar, other than as a heading. No arrow to waypoint etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onemanarmy View Post
    I could watch a 5 hour documentary on the Robby Gordon support truck
    I Spoke with Robby at the Parker 425, and they had to put gear oil in the motor to run the last stage! The Gordini did well for a brand new vehicle and next year should be awesome. There are also rumors of 4 Gordini's getting built for the next Dakar.

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