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Thread: Tacoma aluminum Pop-up

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    Awesome build man I have been designing something very similar glad I stumbled upon this thread gives me more motivation to make it happen

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    amazing build and a great narrative to go along with it. I'll look forward to seeing what else you come up with in the future.

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    For anyone interested, Iggy on TW is making one of these and they'll be offering them for sale:
    2014 Tacoma 4x4 Flippac Build
    My Build

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    My daughter loves your camper shell work. She would love to have your help to see what shell to buy and what top to buy. Her name is Brooke. in Chattanooga Tn.

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    I just found this thread linked in Pinterest under "Camper trailers". An unexpected but totally pleasant find! First, as so many have already done, I wish to express my awe in what you have been able to accomplish. Beautiful piece of work!

    I have recently been toying with ideas of how in increase the living space in our 1975 Volvo TGB11 without making any changes that would be considered permanent. A roof mounted Westy type pop-top mounted to the roof using the original Volvo roof hatch seems to be my best option. The Volvo's roof already has multiple integral mounting points so securing a large panel of aluminum 5-bar plate as the top's floor would be no problem.

    Just a couple questions at this point. What is the overall height/thickness of the pop-top directly over the cab section of the truck in its closed position? While your hinges are works of art and appear very sturdy, if you ever consider just using a pair of original hinges from a Westfalia top?

    Once again, very beautiful and inspiring work.
    Take care.

    Jim Molloy
    Waldersee Farm
    Sheridan, Oregon

    and a couple of videos from Northwest MogFest 2017

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