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Thread: ExPo: G-Wagen Registry

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    Default ExPo: G-Wagen Registry

    Post details and images of your beloved Teutonic machine.

    Here is a little inspiration. . . Gunther's 500,000 mile round-the-world G-Klasse
    Scott Brady
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    Default 1995 463 3.2L

    Originally a Europa import, purchased new from a friend of mine. The truck was already well traveled before I took ownership, driving all the way to Saint John's in Newfoundland. I have owned it since 2009, and used it for everything from daily driving duties to MARSOC training. . .

    The week I got it:

    As it looks today:

    1995 W463
    3.2L Straight six with AMG head and exhaust. Recently rebuilt to factory specifications and AMG head.
    4-Speed Automatic
    ORC purple springs and Bilstein shocks
    Factory tow pin bumper
    G-Wagen Accessories winch plate with Viking 9,000lb winch and synthetic line
    Factory front, center and rear differential locks
    Factory 18" aluminum wheels with Falken Wildpeak 265/75 R18 tires (Road set)
    Front Runner rack
    Baja Designs HID lights (two spot, two driving)
    Hood blackout panel (light glare)
    G-Wagen Accessories sliders and exhaust protection
    Front Runner interior net
    G-Wagen Accessories rear bumper
    G-Wagen Accessories antenna mount
    G-Wagen Accessories rear ladder
    G-Wagen Accessories spare tire locker
    National Luna fridge
    HK USP .45

    Planned Accessories:
    Hutchinson wheels and 8.25 Michelin XZLs or 255/85 R16 tires
    HK MP5

    Vehicle modification specification designed and installed by Thor at Thor Motorworks.
    Scott Brady
    Instagram - @globaloverland

    Overland Journal
    G-Wagen | Defender 110 | Land Cruiser BJ74 | Moto Guzzi V7

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    This is going to be a very cool thread. Can't wait to see what shows up on here.
    Walt Wagner III
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    1981 Toyota fj 40

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    looks awesome! How do you like the BD lights up top?

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    Default My rolling fridge


    1982 300GD
    617A 5 cylinder turbo
    4 speed auto
    Otherwise bone-stock
    Oh, and the air horn
    ..and the dual Odysseys
    ..I think that's it.

    photo #2 and #3 by Karl Volger.
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    G up north.jpg

    2003 G500
    Front Runner roof rack
    G-Wagen Accessories rear ladder
    G-Wagen Accessories trailer hitch for the bike rack
    ARB roof top tent

    more on the way (winter is long in Michigan...)

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    My first G was a 1984 280GE which I ordered built new and picked up in Stuttgart. The shot is on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria shortly after we took delivery.

    I kept it from 1984 to 2002 and a total of 111,000 miles. Unmodified, it took me to some pretty neat places.

    My second and current G is a Europa Int'l G500 NMLE which I purchased used in 2002 and have added 67,000 miles till now. It, too, is stock except for 16" Atik wheels.

    In my experience, the G is quite capable right out of Graz.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Brady View Post

    Interesting. Could you provide more details regarding the trailer. Pics are also welcome. Thanks.

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    2002 (MBUSA) G500
    M113 5.0-liter V8 with 5-speed auto transmission
    Front, center, and rear differential locks
    Front brush guard

    Purchased used in 2011 with less than 70,000 miles

    Photo at dealership before purchase

    Current modifications:
    Removed factory running boards
    Removed headlight grills
    Powdercoated (black) turn signal guards, front and rear
    MB mud flaps, front and rear
    Front swaybar collars
    VTS rocksliders
    MB yellow/orange 2-stripe front and rear springs
    King shocks with compression adjusters, front and rear
    MB AMG pedals
    MB Atik wheels, 7.5x16H2 with ET 63mm
    BFG All Terrain KO, 265/70R16 117S
    Garmin Nuvi 2757LM (7" screen)

    Future modifications:
    Cargo/storage system
    2-meter amateur radio
    Front Runner storage net system
    VTS aluminum pulleys
    VTS transfer case skidplate
    Dual-battery system

    Current configuration

    Rear King shock installed

    Front King shock installed (reservoir hose has not been secured yet in this photo)
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    Here's a few shots of my 93 300GD. I did the conversion from dangerous gasoline to sweet smelling diesel. I'm using the OM603, 6 cylinder turbo.


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