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Thread: ExPo: G-Wagen Registry

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    This may, in fact, be the coolest G extant on this planet...and you and McBride are absolutely insane. Good luck this year!

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    Default my 460

    Before and after wheel color change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by burquedoka View Post
    McBride and I never posted our co-owned rally raid G here. We built and raced it last year at the Sonora Rally in Mexico. We won 5th overall and 1st in our class, FIA T2 4wd. We are gearing up to do a 606 conversion for this years race. 1st place over all, here we come!
    Enjoyed watching the 1st build and look forward to the next
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    mmmmmm mountains....
                       .                   Built here by us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobmog View Post
    Before and after wheel color change.
    That totally transformed the look!

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    looks way nicer .... In my opinion.

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    Default ExPo: G-Wagen Registry

    This is my 2003 G55 AMG. I got it used 4 years ago with only 35K miles. I’ve gotten a ton of inspiration from this site and thought I should finally contribute. The pictures are from a recent trip up to Prudhoe Bay, AK from Northern California over 5 weeks. Yes, quitting your job and driving to Alaska may be a bit cliché, but it was a blast. It now has close to 115K miles! I’ll post some interior set up pictures as I can pretty much live out of this while on the road.

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    My double-duty "City & Trail" G55 (2009) with 2" lift on 18's.

    I've thought about trading into a G500 or another vehicle entirely for a more complete overloading platform, but I realized I like backpacking and camping out on the trail more than the idea of camping out of a truck. Maybe a commitment for a later time!
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    Hey guys,

    We have been travelling for many years with Land Cruisers before we have found a home and settled. So we needed a smaller car for the towing and playing in the fields and woods and the dream of my youth became reality:

    A 1983 Puch G Wagon with 6 zylinder petrolengine, atomatic transmission, lockers, A/C from Behr, restored with double towing hook and the Rotzler winch.
    It provides very much fun. We keep it stock and licenced as a historic oldtimer...

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    greetings Sönke

    traveling by kayak and Cruiser

    HDJ 80 with J4 cab and hydaulic cabin

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