Thread: Compatible years/option pkgs for body swap w/ 2000 E250 Quigley?

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    Default Compatible years/option pkgs for body swap w/ 2000 E250 Quigley?

    I bought a 2000 E250 Quigley 5.4 Triton automatic a few years ago on Ebay that had been rolled and am finally ready to fix it up. Has enough body damage that I want to buy another with a blown engine/tranny with a nice body for cheap and do a body swap. Found a local body shop that does these ($2000) and would like to know what my options are re replacing the current 'work van' body preferably with more of a Club Wagon/conversion van type body if I can find one. Want to make it into a nice touring/possible camper van, so nice windows and captains chairs, etc. would be good versus having to buy all this (I understand I'll have to pull all the seats and carpet out to do the swap).

    When I was shopping around for shops to do the swap someone told me I needed to find a donor from the exact same year (2000) and with the same exact options so that the wiring harness/etc. would be compatible. Does anyone know exactly which bodies would be compatible for swapping? Any part of the VIN tell me which will work (if not what do I look for on the donor to definitively tell me its a compatible body)? I know I'll have to cut a place for the transfer case shifter to come thru, but hoping everything else will be very straight-forward. Any info would be great, thanks!


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    I've never done a body swap, but I can tell you what I would/wouldn't do. A 92-current body should fit no problem, but I would do as the body shop said & get one from the same year if possible. Keep the headaches to a minimum, it's enough work already....
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