Alright, this isn't an expedition vehicle in any way, shape or form so I won't post it in that section.

What I have is a extremely clean 2001 Hyundai XG-300 L, full leather, moonroof, etc ... with 89K (factory power train warranty good to 100K).

This was my brothers car until December when he shipped it to me as a gift for my kids - the deal is I sell it, the proceeds of which go into a college fund for them.

So, here I am, offering it here for $5250. Bluebook on it is 6100 in good condition, 6700 in excellent condition. I'm asking less because of two things: the air bag light is on (my brother said the bag(s) need replaced?) and the windshield should be replaced as it has 3-5 stars in it, but no cracks yet. Those are the only two known problems with it.

If anybody is interested, or knows anybody who is interested, email or pm me. The proceeds go to a good cause.