Thanks. Funny thing was that I wasn't particularly looking for either of them. Saw the camper many times on craigslist while searching for a shell for the truck (no easy task). Finally went and drove the three hours to look at it and it turned out to be in excellent condition and perfect for what I was looking for - something with a lot of room to camp in and not too heavy for the 3.0 to drag up and down our mountains. It is a Lobo brand camper from the early 70's built in Redding, CA. It is a slide in (a 'cowboy camper'), fits the 8' bed perfectly, has almost standing headroom, and weighs about 500 pounds. It was stored in a shop most of it's life, so it looks like it is five years old instead of 40. The only thing I am planning is to update the electrical system and complete the replacement of the funky-smelling fabrics.