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    I read on a web sight from an outfit in Montana that sells and rebuilds Land Rovers or parts. This is their site is

    Any way, on his web sight he says if a person imports a Land Rover, even if though it is 25 years old, it still can't be likened because it will need an EPA
    test and conversion to current emission standards.

    I don't understand this, because folks bring in Toyota Landcruisers and license them without problems. So what is he talking about? I understand
    there is EPA regs but I thought thy were not a problem in this situation.



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    Don't walk, RUN from that guy. I've never heard anything good about him anywhere. Google Creed Evans and see for yourself.
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    Rather Intersting.I'm not intersted in doing bussiness with him.

    I was mainly wondering about what he was stating about the EPA

    But I have an idea that what he's talking about is a bunch of BS.

    I was wanting confermation I guess.


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    It's complete BS. Here's a good start if you don't want to go to the source.

    Apparently he couldn't get his 50k for his booming business!

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    Here's the list of items you can legally import:

    1983 110, 1997 90, and anything 25 years or older.

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    If your looking at importing contact Doug at he handles 90% of our vehicle for us and our clients.

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    EPA regs are 21+ years old. DOT is 25+ years old.

    If you import a truck 25+ years old with the original engine, there is no issue. However, IMHO every vehicle coming in with a non-original fitment engine possibly violates the letter of the law, however, no one seems to care. I say possibly because I can't figure out if a 200tdi or 300tdi is considered the original type replacement for a 2.25 or 2.5 N/A diesel. I think a Diesel Turbo would be a proper replacement as it is much closer (this is what I tell myself anyway). Take for example a 1965 corvette originally fitted with a 327 SBC, would a newer 350 SBC be an original type? These are the type of questions the internet can spend days debating about, but in practice don't seem to matter.

    BTW x2 on Doug for importing. He is doing my 1983 110 now and worth every penny (not that he is expensive).

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    I went to look at a 110 crew cab that he built, for someone here in GA... From 20 feet, it looked awesome. Up close, it was very shoddy work. It was titled as a 2005 Land Rover, nothing else. Every body panel started its life on a different truck, the inside/undersides were all different colors.

    The engine was a 3.5, with early RR running gear, just cobbled together. I could have done a more professional job for a lot less $ than he charged.
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    Was this the silver Crew Cab.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilfij View Post
    EPA regs are 21+ years old. DOT is 25+ years old.

    If you import a truck 25+ years old with the original engine, there is no issue.
    Don't forget, that this does not necessarily mean you will be able to register the vehicle in your state. Emissions testing is a state by state basis. a 200tdi may pass in Utah but not Colorado. Be knowledgeable about your states criteria, for the year of your vehicle.

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