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Thread: U.S. alternative to Seitz top hinged windows

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    Quote Originally Posted by worldherewecome View Post
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I realise I should have made clearer that I am in the UK, and perhaps hadn't appreciated the differences in domestic types of windows between the U.S and UK. Over here we have endless amounts of upvc and aluminium windows, with plenty of hinging options. I am making some enquiries so will share when I have any information.
    Yep, we may generally be chauvinistic Yanks, but we do so admire your camper window alternatives.

    I, for one, will be delighted with any information you can pass on. Thanks.
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    I see KCT make a deal about there windows being tested at astronomical heights, claiming some windows blow at 4000ft.

    My European "plastic" double pane windows aren't sealed as the inside pane has two small tubes drilled into it with some sort of valve arrangement connecting the air space with the interior of the vehicle. Guess that might be harder to do in glass so KCT have to do something else. KCT have toughened glass which I would have thought to be way inferior to laminated glass as far as resisting breakage from the odd tree that jumps out as you pass.

    The standard emergency escape window used in most US motorhomes and campers is a top hinged double-pane laminated window. Heavy darn thing to open and just about useless as an escape window, but it shows they can make awning windows.
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    Sounds like the plastic windows have some kind of pressure equaliser. I do wonder how much of an issue it is, but interesting you have identified a specific feature which seeks to deal with it. Is it a seitz brand window you have? It looks like the option of laminated glass is readily available in the sorts of windows I'm looking at. Do you have any more info/links to the standard emergency window to which you have referred?

    perhaps they are banking on you being in a rush to get out and summon the super strength required!

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    I Dont think the Seitz have any special pressure compensating devisce, I just think they have enough flexin them to cope with the pressure changes . A small 0.5 mm hole in the corber of the inner pane would sort out major issues if you were at altitude and in trouble. This could esily be rectified with a bit of resin later .


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    a couple of points. why do all modern airplane, marine and rv windows have radius corners? because the square corners create stress points at the 90 degree corners and then start stress fractures. another point I have talked to an rv window manufacturer and they recommended to me not to use double pane windows for off road use, they flat out said there would be a high failure rate with the seal between the two panes. when a company tells me to go with a cheaper line of products because it's more durable then their more expensive line I tend to listen. highdesertranger

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    That does sound like a logical point, though it is weird the most expensive high end windows on the market, like KCT and outbound have square glass windows. Are you able to share which company advised you to choose a cheaper line of their product?

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    Got a quote back on some windows, still waiting on the 35-60mm thickness. These are the ones mentioned above that come from China.

    RV Window
    Model: MG09RW
    Description: black outer aluminum frame, white PU inner frame, with flynet and sun shade. Standard windows for wall thickness 25-35mm.
    MOQ:20 pcs total or 20 pcs for one size only

    1)1000*500mm USD 191.40/pc
    2)1000*600mm USD 205.81/pc
    3)500*350mm USD 102.62/pc
    4)800*500mm USD 156.47/pc
    5)1200*800mm USD 284.64/pc

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    Did you inquire about freight cost? I need 2 windows and those prices are excellent. I'm going to France this summer so I have the option to buy the "real" windows and bring them back with me on the plane but it would still be way more than those prices...

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    Have read a few different things now and the risk of the seals breaking due to vibration etc does seem high, and if coupled with a sealed unit without any capillaries or pressure equalisation could indeed cause bow out at altitude. It really does look like the seitz type windows are the best of the bunch, with many issues of their own, buy still the most cost and weight effective solution.

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    At the Maine Boat Builder's show last month, there were a couple of companies that built doors and window units for marine use. Marine suppliers might be an option.

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