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Thread: A Good Scarf

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    Aereostitch silk scarf. Two trips up the Alaska Highway, Europe, The Med, Asia Minor, Central Asia, etc. My tube type scarfs are great for static sitting but tend to irritate my scrawny turkey neck after an hour or two of riding.

    Plus, if I wear my hat with the earflaps, I kinda look like Snoopy, and chicks dig Snoopy.
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    Also a buff owner, have one I wear to protect the back of my neck from the desert I need one for winter temps, though it has been sufficient for chilly Socal mornings. Small, quick, and I forget I am even wearing it though I have never warn one for warm weather yet as mentioned, the light weight ones are thin and comfortable.

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    I wear a tube like a buff but it came free in a fast bikes magazine 15 years ago.
    I also have a fleece tube and I use a Keffiyeh or shemagh when it's really cold and I'm looking for bulk.

    I almost always wear the buff just to keep the sun off my neck

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