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    Finished product. Will be powder coated 60% gloss black to match everything else.

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    On to the steering wheel. We purchased a reproduction 1975-ish steering wheel to give it a more finished appearance, but found that the splines in the column shaft were different. Turns out, the column is from a Ford Bronco or pickup. WIsh I would have known that before I put 25 ours into it. Anyway, the column looked great and right at home, but I couldn't find an appropriate looking wheel that fit the Ford column, so Idecided to modify the Jeep wheel to fit. Using a generic 3-bolt hub from Grant, I then machined the hub flat and drilled the holes. I then had to make some mods to the hub itself to get the turn signal cancel to work.

    Her are some pics.

    Two Grant hubs for the Ford column. The one on the right is the new one.

    Scary time. Chucking it up in the lathe to cut the hub flat was tricky. I barely had any purchase in the three finger chuck, and the live center was in the way of a complete cut, so I got as much as I could and finished it with a cutoff wheel and sanding disc.

    Mock up shows the resulting fit, though I still need to make a filler piece to cover the gap between the hub and column. More fun scary lathe work with thin aluminum tubing...

    It's not totally in your face, but it does feel like driving a stock car.

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    More on the steering wheel. Had to machine the back of the hub to fit the turn signal cancel cam.

    And then it needed a new cover as the ring on the Jeep wheel didn't cover the gap between the column and the back of the steering wheel.

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    Final fitment of the wiring and then wrapping it all up.

    Install the powder coated pulleys.

    Install radiator and fill with coolant.

    Here is the mostly done engine bay. Just need to get the air cleaner fit and then it's complete.

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    When I first did all the repair to the frame, I didn't know what we were going to do for a rear bumper, and decided to make a rear crossmember that I thought would work with anything. Well, we ultimately decided to run a stock 1974 rear "crossmember" instead of a bulky bumper, which meant removing (or modifying) the rear crossmember I welded on in the beginning.

    Here's what I did originally.

    Removed that and welded in a crossmember support from Classic Enterprises.

    The removable portion of the setup will be powder coated to match.

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    Tailgate installation. Had to be careful with the new paint. It gets tricky when bolt heads are painted to match the body color.

    With new chains from Walck's and a tailgate from Omix-ada, I think it really came out great. Turns out, the tailgate was the only item we sourced through Omix that was worth a $%^&*.

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    One more shot of the dash, mostly complete.

    And then some random as-it-sits-now pics. It drives as nicely as it looks.

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    Did I mention this Jeep is FOR SALE?

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    Looks great. Very impressed with your attention to detail. If I didn't have two jeeps in my garage right now I would be asking you for a price right now! Are you going to throw a soft top on it?

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    Thank you.

    I am not going to put a top on it. I can't bring myself to drill holes in the beautiful body tub. But, if I do install a top, I want it to be as close to original as possible and very simple. No zip out windows or extra doo-dads. I found a Bestop that might be the right one, I think it is the Tiger Top (?), but until I can confirm the actual installation process with some actual pics, I'm just going to leave it an open air cruiser.

    Price is going reflect the level of detail and finish. I am pretty confident that the quality of the job will convince whomever is actually interested in owning it that the value is there. I've got a few hundred hours into it so far, so I won't be making wages on this one.

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