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Thread: Agile RIP is unavailable - what are my alternatives?

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    Sorry, I had no idea that Ramsey passed away.

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    I recently ordered a RIP kit. I called and the phone was answered immediately. I spoke with John and got the info I needed. I sent in the form. I called again an d the phone was immediately answered by Jesus. He took my order and it was here in 8 days. It was a great experience! It should be installed this week and Im stoked. Kudos to Agile!
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    I have about 25,000 miles on my RIP.
    90% of my drive it is on road, and trailering my XJ to go rock crawling, the rest is off road from greens to hard blue trails and beach driving.
    Since much of my driving is lightly loaded the rear of the van is higher the front creating an issue with caster,( came from the factory with the ride height about an inch lower in the rear unloaded, after the RIP install and settling the rear is at least 2 higher than the front with the truck empty) it would pull left and on center felt dead when unloaded.John gave me some advice on the caster settings .
    Once the caster was fixed the highway driving, on center feel is tight, no pull when empty, and loaded it is incredible, the heavier the better. Smooth and consistent.
    Not that I recommend it , but i have had the truck near triple digits on the NJTP following traffic , totally balanced.
    Off road its no jeep in tight but has awesome articulation and lost the jarring ride from the stock suspension. I have gotten it places a full size van without lockers has no buiseness being, as well fire roads can be driven much more comfortably with worrying about if every small rock, or pothole is going to dump my coffee on my lap or knock out a filling.
    They also valved some front shock for my XJ, cant wait to try them out in spring.
    Always been there when i called and helped with any issues .

    Awesome job Thank you Agile
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