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Thread: I bought the wrong bike

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    I've wanted to build exactly what you have in to close to what you want for a while now. Before dual sports and adventure bikes, there were companies turning cb's in to scramblers, I've seen a couple recently that just speak to a part of my soul that modern bikes just can't access. Something like this:
    Or there was one done by ziggy cycles a little while back, but I couldn't find a quick link from my work computer

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdventureLife View Post
    Before dual sports and adventure bikes, there were companies turning cb's in to scramblers.
    i'm confused. maybe the odd guy in a garage but not companies

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    Thanks for all of the replies. I got back into the garage after selling my car, and got back to work on the CB. I will hopefully be able to find an enduro or start another project when the CB is "finished". I fabricated the rear hoop and seat mount, just working on a seat pan before taking it back apart to finish the welds and send for powdercoat.

    I am tempted to go with a sidecar if I were to get into adventure biking, as I would love to bring my pup with. Unfortunately I just financed a new taco, so it may have to wait until i get that paid down (unless anyone has a project for me )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christophe Noel View Post
    I've had dozens of bikes, and they're never the right one.
    They may never be the "right" bike - but they're also never the "wrong" bike.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spagthorpe View Post
    Back in the early 80s, before there was anything called an adventure bike, we just rode what we had. My 82 Yamaha 650 Maxim took me all over the country, down dirt roads, gravel, trails, camping in the woods, BLM land, etc. Nobody told me I needed knobbies for this, so I just made do with the ****ty street tires we had back then. Looking back, it had no suspension, not much clearance, and not much range. Again, not knowing any better, it did just fine. Amazing how freeing complete ignorance was.

    Now that I know better, no bike is right. I currently have an 1150 ADV and a KTM 500 EXC, and neither one seems perfect at any given time. I keep trying to justify a 690. I think I was happier, and richer, when I was dumb.
    This is one of the most profound things I've read on this forum to date..
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