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Thread: Canadians... What's it really like?

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    I question how effective a handgun will be for self defence in a bear attack situation for larger bears. The noise might scare it away, but the actual impact I am not so sure.
    Lot of folks in Svalbard carry the ’monster’ handguns .500 S&W, 454 Casull, etc. But any gun, its all about where a bear is hit if its to die quickly. According to my friend who travels there, rifles & shotguns are preferred by most. Probably for pricetag reason & longgun is much easier to control. Many will also carry a 26mm flarepistol first to try scaring away if possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nasko View Post
    On the other issue, I think our laws here, as hard and difficult they are to understand, are doing a good job. I used the bombs and chemical weapons just as an example, obviously I have no desire to own either. To me, they are just as useless as black rifles.. The concept of owning/carrying firearms for self defence is foreign to me. Canada is a safe country and I honestly have never ever felt the need to arm myself.
    Due all respect I don't agree that our gun laws are doing a good job. Laws never stopped criminal from doing crimes, ignoring the laws is pretty much a requirement for them to get a job. Just look at the news, police busts drug rings and shows all kind of confiscated firearms - prohibited AK, prohibited short pistols, restricted guns - you name it. Not to mention that criminal never bother to get a firearm license. I think we don't have mass shootings in Canada not because we have magazine restrictions and licensed gun owners people can't buy AK-47 in Canadian Tire. I think it has something to do with people, not with gun laws. Switzerland or Czech Republic for example has way more relaxed gun laws, but there's less violent crime than in Canada. Or if you even take US some states are safer than Canadian provinces and it's not states with stricter gun laws.

    In Canada I'm fine with background checks and training requirement and some other small stuff, but a lot of rules are just not helpful. Magazine limitations, guns prohibited by name or restricted by name, handguns barrel length restrictions - all this is just a harassment of law abiding gun owners in my opinion. If pin in a magazine falls out or gets broken and you don't notice it - you're in possession of prohibited device and instantly become a criminal with mandatory jail minimum. If you left disassembled shotgun on workbench in your home and left home for a minute - you're risk a criminal record for improper storage. If you have a big enough land and good backstop you can shoot targets from non-restricted rifles there but risk jail time if you use restricted rifles like AR15 or handguns. Non-restricted rifles can become prohibited overnight and had to be surrendered without compensation. If you don't guess what - you're in possession of prohibited device - mandatory jail time.. Even if you forget to renew your license - you're in unlawful possession of firearm and could easily go to jail. There are many examples of our gun laws, those just few of them. And of course if you're a good citizen and are nice with police and judge you most likely will be spared of jail time - just a criminal record and you lose all your guns and license after spending tens of thousand dollars on lawyers.

    I never felt need to carry a gun in my day-to-day life as well, but I know that there are quite a few cases when people needed to protect themselves. Just google case of Ian Thomson as a biggest one.

    I understand that you're not interested in restricted firearms but I think you should understand that gun laws are not getting any better in Canada and if we don't stand for each other and allow government take away our guns one by one, we will end up in situation like in Australia or UK.

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    Better to have an not need, then not have and find yourself needing.........and the shotgun is fun to bring along as well.......

    My newest hiking companion. An Etro ATA 09 (14") About the shortest and most compact firearm I can figure to carry in the bushes. I've been looking at the Ranch Hand type short rifles, but they aren't really any shorter than this little thing.

    My Wife just completed (and passed) her PAL and RPAL) firearms licensing course. On the back wall of the classroom, their was a big sign that said "Because the Government says so". Anytime a student in the class would ask why a certain firearm in Canada was considered restricted (ie: an AR-15) and another is considered non-restricted (ie: an SKS), or ask the instructor a question regarding our convoluted and confusing firearms laws they would just point to the sign.
    On a side note, My Wife, who in the past never had a fondness for handguns, and prior to my bringing them into our home would have never wanted one in her house, is now excited at the fact that once her license arrives she can start shopping for her own first handgun and schedule some training with her instructor. (insert proud Husband emoticon here)
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