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Thread: Paradise 2 Pavement

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    Awesome! I love the 4x4 conversion. I'll be following this for sure.

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    Just got done with reading your build thread and I must say that I am pretty jealous. I love 4x4 converted vans but wife thinks they look "sketchy".

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    Update #3: West Texas, New Mexico, Colorado

    After leaving my buddies place in Oklahoma City I started heading out west towards Amarillo.

    I ended up staying at Palo Duro Canyon for the night. It was my first time going to a canyon before. What an amazing place.

    After Amarillo I started going north a bit. My plan was to go to Pueblo and drop off all of my summer stuff to shed some weight. The drive out there was pretty generic. I tried taking pics of the incoming mountains but the gopro isn't exactly the best camera for far away stuff.

    This ****ing guy carrying this house at like 65+ mph. **** was falling off of it and he was hitting poles on the side of the road lol. I wish I would've got a video. He was coming up that road whether you moved or not.

    First glimpse of "snow"

    Made it to Colorado

    So I stop in Pueblo and get a storage unit. I drop the bike and go to take the lock off of it and bam!

    Luckily it was just enough to stick a flathead in it and get it open. Avoided that headache. After getting rid of some weight I went to Colorado Springs to some awesome dog park with a stream and everything.

    On the way to Denver... Pike's Peak

    And saw this awesomeness yesterday.

    So that's it. It's going to be pretty slow for a while. I plan on staying in the area and finally use the Epic Pass. I have friends flying in next month to Salt Lake City so I'll probably just hit a few mountains here to scope em out, then head out west to Utah for a bit.

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    Looks like someone's been busy. awesome pictures.

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    Loving it!!!!!!!!!! as I sit here in the office......
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    awesome updates! looks like your having some fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RadioBaobab View Post
    Then again, there is something magical about getting trough impossible obstacles. The improvisation, the stress, the hard labour.. Great stuff! A winch would kinda spoil the fun ;-)

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    That Toyota..looks like the optional Bagdad version.
    Good to see the van on the road.
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    Let me know when you get to montana, I'll show ya around if you want

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    How long are ya in the Denver area for? My brother Kyle (Keylay on here) told me about your trip, Im out in the downtown area if you care to grab a beer and talk travels as i did a 14k mile trip a couple years ago.

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    Very nice, enjoying your trip from my couch.......keep it coming. Love the van btw
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