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Thread: 1974 crew cab

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    Default 1974 crew cab

    Not sure what direction I am going with it but I think a diesel swap is in its future after I get the body put back together. Truck used to be a hog rig with a flat bed and completely rhino lined. Has a good running 360 and Dana 60s all the way around, c6 trans.

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    I vote pop up truck camper.
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    Cool rig, not a lot of dentside 4WD crew-cabs running around. Me I'd start with finding a style-side bed and do a 7.3IDI transplant.
    A friend of mine is doing something cool but isn't done yet, maybe you can copy or beat him to it(but his is 2WD), think it would be the first. The joining together of a dent-side crew cab and the back half of a Super Camper Special. I personally think it would be awesome and want to move the rear axle back on my 89 Crew LB to accomplish the same thing.

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    It had a old handmade flat bed. I got the step side bed for free so just playing around with it.

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    Default Nice find

    What a great find! Where did you find it? Looking forward to seeing what direction you go with it. Lots of potential there. If you live in the area of Utah or Arizona, check out the Relic Run for Utah and the Old Iron Run in AZ. Fixed up or as is, you would fit right in.
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    Two thumbs up that thing is Awesome!!

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    Man that thing is awesome. The overlanding bug in me came from when I was a kid my dad had a 77 Crew Cab with a 460 and a 4 speed. This thing was HUGE. It was bright red, I'll never forget that truck. Have you seen the Jonesy's garage conversion? They do a Powerstroke into a similar truck.

    ours was very much like this picture here, except it was red.
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    Love those old crew cabs! Though I don't think the fender-side/step-side (can't remember what Ford called it) bed doesn't look "right" with the crew cab. Still a great old rig. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
    BTW, I seem to recall that Ford was the only company back in the 60's-70's to produce a crew cab short bed (CCSB.) I seem to recall that with GM and Dodge, if you got a crew cab it came with the long bed. At least, I've never seen a short bed Dodge or Chevy crew cab from that era.
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    Nice score!
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    I would like a nice regular bed, just not to many good short beds out there

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