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    Default Rebelle Rally Training: 2 spots open!

    Attention adventurous women! Two spots open to any ladies with their own 4x4 and some 4wd experience!

    This is very last minute, but we had two cancellations for our two-day Women's 4WD & Nav Practice in Flagstaff AZ this Tues 6/21 and Wed 6/22. There is NO FEE for this--I am just getting some of the Rebelle women together to further build skills in 4wd techniques, recovery and navigation. If you would like to join, please email me

    Here are the details:
    Meet in Flagstaff at 9 AM Tuesday, train until around 5-ish, camp with the group at a developed camp site.
    Wednesday, more training, with some navigation games in the afternoon, wrap up around 5. It's fine to leave early if you need to, but there will be no late arrivals, as we will be out in the sticks.

    What you need:
    A 4x4, not an all-wheel-drive or crossover. Email me if you are not sure.
    *Compass (plotter, map board, ruler and calculator recommended)
    *basic camp sleeping gear: tent, pad, bag, pillow (there is hotel option nearby, but camping is part of the fun!)
    food for yourself: two lunches, one dinner, one breakfast

    Training to include:
    4wd techniques: focus on soft and steep terrain
    Recovery: buried in soft stuff, tire problems, sidehill --lots of Maxtrax and shovel work
    *Navigation: triangulation, route planning, all NON-GPS map and compass work

    This is like a "202" class--more of a continuation and practice of the skills that these Rebelle Rally participants and hopefuls have already started with previous driving and navigation training and experience. Recovery techniques will be very Rebelle-focused, so no winching, but lots of Maxtrax, shovel and vehicle dynamic analysis.
    Note: Basic 4wd experience is absolutely required to attend, but you can just follow along on the nav exercises if you don't have the tools and training in basic compass, plotting and map reading.

    Many more details once you are confirmed for this event.

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    One down, so one vehicle spot left (for one or two people).

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