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Thread: Thank You to Bahn Campers for Supporting the Expedition Portal Community!

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    Default Thank You to Bahn Campers for Supporting the Expedition Portal Community!

    Expedition Portal would like to thank Ryan and the team at Bahn Campers for supporting Expedition Portal, and we'd like to share more about their company.


    "Bahn Camper Works was founded on the idea that not everybody wants the same camper. Camping and exploring are activities that mean different things to different people and our goal is to build a camper to meet your unique adventure needs.


    We start with a high quality fiberglass composite shell that is resin infused under vacuum. This produces a lightweight yet strong foundation for our campers. From there we insulate and install a t-slot framing system for mounting all interior cabinets and components. Finally, we install the interior paneling to finish out the shell. We offer the shells for the DIY’er at a retail price of $39,000. All our complete campers are custom and priced individually. However, to give people an idea on our pricing we have created a “universal” camper for $56,950 that includes our shell with radiant floor heat, on-demand hot water, marine grade appliances, a composting or cassette toilet, AGM battery, and 30 gallons of fresh water. Upgrades can include diesel appliances, lithium batteries, pure sine inverters, and much more.
    039-bahn-composites.jpg 044-bahn-composites.jpg

    047-bahn-composites.jpg 053-bahn-composites.jpg
    Our campers and shells are available for short beds, long beds, and flatbeds with floor lengths up to 16’. We also offer a long list of exterior accessories including, but not limited to, bike racks, ladders, shovel/axe/high-lift mounts, extra fuel and water carriers. Call or email for more information or to start building a camper for your next adventure."

    017-bahn-composites.jpg 029-bahn-composites.jpg
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    Nice woodwork! Nice and clean interior. It looks like the slanted seat backs open up for storage? Is that a fold up panel under the seat to convert into a bed?
    I like the double doors for that open feeling and view, though you potentially lose some interior storage. Great concept.
    If some sort of screen could cover the entire back it would be nice in buggy areas.

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    Nice and welcome.
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    Doc Foster- thanks for the compliments and comments. You are correct, there is storage behind the seat backs as well as under the seats. The flower panels flip up to convert the seating area to another bed- good eye. We do have a screen for rear door opening, it just didn't make the photos. More photos are up on our Facebook page and our website will be up soon!

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    Super nice.

    Where the midsize version?

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    No true mid size version available yet. We are prepping to do and F-150 and I drove the new Cummins powered Titan the other day and thought it would make a good weekender style camper. The payload was around 1500 lbs. with the Cummins engine so we have to be aware of what we put in the camper.

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    Saw these at the last NWOR, really nice campers and love how the large doors at the back fully open. Sure, you loose some cabinet walls but you no longer feel like you're stucked in a tin can, opens things right up. Welcome to Expo!

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    Nice looking camper. Welcome to Expo!
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    Pretty sweet! Interested to lay eyes on a flatbed version with water capacity upgrade. Bathroom solution too. I feel like a regular cab long bed could make a good fulltime rig.

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    Looks very nice. What is the weight on that model.

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