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    Default Stumptaco has gone over to the darkside..XJ style.

    The time has come for me to start the new thread showing my buildup of my recently acquired 1996 XJ. This is the vehicle I decided to replace my 98 Taco with since Toyota is buying it back.

    I decided to BUY an XJ here instead of shipping ours over from the states (we have an identical one at my in-laws in Georgia) It was going to cost about $2,600 bucks just to get it shipped from my inlaws to Germany, so I couldnt really justify spending the money on a perfectly good daily driver jeep that is barely worth the cost to ship it over. So, we will keep the XJ we have in the states as it is much easier when we visit family and friends since we dont need to rent a car. I stumbled on a 1996 XJ sport at the local Auto Recycling Center here on the military base last week and put in a bid. Well, I found out Monday I had the high bid, so I went to check out the XJ a little more thoroughly. It has about 50,000 less miles than ours, and everything works perfectly.

    The reason it was up for bid/didnt pass inspection?...... Right rear wheel cylinder was blown out and leaking, and the right front signal doesnt work. 15 dollars in parts, and she will be as good as new.

    I took delivery of/paid for it on Monday, and had to wait until today (Friday) before I could register it with temps tags and until I get the wheel cylinder fixed. I thought it was a HECK of a deal, so I jumped on it. It was driving me crazy trying to decide what I wanted to do and which vehicle to buy. With the XJ, I had almost $9,000 bucks left over from the toyota buy back, so I am getting ready to order a huge amount of goodies to make it as close to the ultimate expedition/trail XJ as I can.

    Mods will start very soon, firstly with my roof rack, lights and RTT on top as we have a camping trip to Finland on July 4th weekend.

    1996 Cherokee Sport
    4.0Liter High Output
    Automatic Tranny
    NP 231 Transfer
    Chrysler 29 spline 8.25 rear axle
    Dana 30 in front
    127,000 miles.

    This is as stock as it will ever be. Took a little time today and cleaned it up.

    Took about 2 hours in the engine area. I am anal about engine compartment cleanliness, probably from being a mechanic for about 10 years. This one was filthy, I should have done a before and after shot.

    The truck it is replacing.

    Thanks, ~James
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