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Thread: A trip above the clouds in Shaat, Rakhyout, Dhofar, Oman (Arabian Peninsula)

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    Salalah, Dhofar, Oman
    Sterculia africana tree, very rare to find in the wild here

    Then we reached sea level!

    Then going back


    Wild Balsam, Impatiens balsamina

    Wild cucumber plants and luffa

    And done! Maybe I didn't talk much, but tried to put you in action through the photos! Hope you like them and cheers to all of you ^_^

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    Nice Patrol.
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    Great photos!

    Are you familiar with the Oman Botanic Garden Project? They've already done a lot of work documenting and cultivating endemic plant species, but when the new Biomes and visitor centres open a lot of their work will be displayed for the public.
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