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Thread: How about a surplus HMMWV platform?

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    I always wanted one, but to use as a ranch truck. Checking water, fixing fence, etc. I have driven one, but not much. It reminded me of driving a tractor on the highway but with less room inside. That being said, i would still like one; albeit not for long trips. And I doubt anytime soon.

    I thought there used to be a few guys here with H1's but am unable to find the thread now.

    Im in oregon, we have a guy here i noticed who has the 2 door variant with the truck plates so, i can verify that.

    Matt any links for your contact?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Expedition.Report View Post
    pperently if its 15 yrs old or older its just like any other import, it will need an out of province inspection and be brought up to minimum standards then an assigned VIN once it passes the inspection and the rest is like every other trasaction with ICBC
    No, it'd be "American goods returned" not an import.

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    "American goods returned" to British Columbia? I think you missed Expedition.Reports location.

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