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Thread: a good route through norway

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    You might find this video series we just made helpful,

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    many thanks, we have been following them for a while on youtube, not VW people but he does do surprisingly good videos

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    Forgot about this, you are asking about ferries. Most ferries in Norway are crucial parts of the infrastructure so i would not worry to much about them. As long as they belong on one of the major roads (E6, E39, RV17) they mostly run continously, every half hour, some of them more often.
    The only excpections would be the longer stretches.

    You asked about the one crossing Nordfjord, called Anda - Lote, this one runs every 20 minutes and costs 78 nok for a normal car with driver. 96 nok with a passenger.
    That is normally the pricerange for a normal fjord crossing.

    During summer you will encounter some queues at the most popular tourist routes, especially RV17, you might have to wait one or two departures.

    In Western Norway there are some tourist routes that only runs in summer, for example Hellesylt - Geiranger, these are more expensive than normal routes.

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    Just picked up on this topic.
    I'm looking at planning a trip in 2020:
    UK - Netherlands - Germany - Denmark - Sweden - Norway - Sweden - Norway - Finland - Estonia - Latvia - Lithuania - Belarus - Poland - Germany - Netherlands - UK
    Current rough route is 4500 km in roughly 4 weeks
    Already have a few "must do" locations - Oresund Bridge & tunnel, Atlantic Road and tunnel, Arctic Circle Centre, Nord Kapp but would love to hear from others who have traveled similarly.

    I think 4 weeks is probably not enough, unless it really does become a "road trip". But our time is limited by one or two in our group unable to get longer off work in one go. So maybe looking at shortening and sticking to just Scandinavia, without the Estonia to Poland bit!

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