Thread: 2008 "LOADED" EarthRoamer XV-LT FOR SALE NOW!

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    Default 2008 LOADED EarthRoamer XV-LT IS "SOLD"

    "SOLD" 2008 Silver XV-LT for sale. ONLY 7,000 MILES. Immediate delivery. Every upgrade offered by EarthRoamer, plus remote start w/auto recharging of house batteries. All 4 wheels on the ground have the tires with aggressive tread, plus I have two extra brand new steer wheels w/ new tires which are mounted and balanced that will be included. Unit also has the rear removable storage pod/tool box ($2.500.00 option) which is painted the same color as the EarthRoamer and has the EarthRoamer logo on the back of it. Remote electirc grey water dump switch on the dash (very convenient). This ER has both front and rear winches as well. Also, included is the $400.00 ladder for climbing into the king size bed and a $5,000.00 custom made super comfortable high quality leather upgrade to the dinette seats (no more sore buns). This unit is so loaded, I can't begin to list all the options in this forum. $250,000.00 invested. PRICED FOR QUICK SALE @ $215,000.00. Why wait for 6 months when you can be riding immediately, just in time to make it to the EarthRoamer Rally in style and comfort. This EarthRoamer will definitely make a statement wherever it goes, even among other EarthRoamer owners (Only ER with Dinette seating upgrade). Call Rod at (760) 409-0630 & eliminate the long wait for a new one. This one is really better than new! (honest) No bugs to work out and not a scratch or ding on it inside or out! BOTH ER AND FORD WARRANTIES WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO THE NEW OWNER. I will be happy to email pictures to anyone who calls( and also give you a detailed list of options, such as cellphone booster and outside TV/Stereo jacks installed at factory, plus all the options above and many, many more! Plus, EarthRoamer promised to give the new owner the same warm, fuzzy feeling, just as if you had purchased it from them!
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    Rod, it may helpful to post pics (particularly shots of the upgraded suspension, wheels, and tires since the ER website doesn't have much showing this upgrade yet). Also may want to post the mileage.

    Im curious why the quick sale of a 2008 model? Are you moving to a different vehicle type, if so what and why? If youd rather not respond I understand.

    Best of luck with the ER sale!


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    Not far from us. Shoot, maybe we'll sell the house and live in the ER
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    Default "SOLD" Answer To Why Sell A 2008 Earthroamer So Soon?

    "SOLD" Bob: Simply put, there is nothing wrong with the EarthRoamer. In fact, there is everything to like about any EarthRoamer, especially this one! I have decided to sell it since the financial venue of our business has recently changed. The new plan is to invest as deep as possible in the business, with new products to add to our website. We will be introducing six new products, which are do to come on line within the next 60 to 90 days. There are 7,000 miles on the EarthRoamer and both the EarthRoamer and Ford warranties are transferrable to the new owner, as per Bill Swails. Thanks, for asking. Rod
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    Default 2008 "LOADED" EarthRoamer Pictures now available! "SOLD"


    • Chassis: 2008 Silver Ford F550 Crew Cab with "Lariet Package" (super upgraded full leather and insturment panel gauges and toggle switches, etc.)
    • Four wheel drive with limited slip rear differential
    • 295/60r22.5 20 ply all season mud and snow rated tires
    • 350hp, 650 ft lb turbo-diesel engine
    • 90 gallons fuel capacity
    • 85 gallons fresh water
    • 510 watts solar panels
    • 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter
    • Cellphone booster (factory installed)
    • Remote start from key fob and automatic camper house battery charging
    • Front and rear winches
    • KVH Satellite dish
    • Two drop-down TV/DVD players in rear seat of crewcab
    • Audio/Video hook-ups in rear compartment for outside TV viewing
    • $5,000.00 Custom ugraded leather seating in living area of camper
    • ER installed Tool Box / Carrier to match ER ($2,500.00 option) Removable
    • HID Driving Lights installed in bumper ($1,600.00 option)
    • Kenwood GPS/Navigational system w/satellite radio/weather/traffic conditions + BT mutes the audio when a call comes in & volume goes up on disconnect
    • All primium upgrades on Audio/Video plus 2 sets wireless rear headphones
    • Totally automatic coffemaker that even fills itself with water
    • 12 volt grey water dump switch conveniently located on dash
    • 2 extra new never used, spare steer wheels & tires/mounted and balanced (a $1,600.00 option/included with the EarthRoamer)
    • i-Pod hook up
    • 4 TV's between crew-cab and living area
    • Black granite counter top with granite extention providing 4 feet of extra kitchen countertop working space for the Lady of the Camper.
    • Electric trailer braking and trailer/tow car hookup factory installed
    • Water purification system
    • All diesel appliances and water heater plus back-up heat as well!
    • Hydronic heater heats the ER and the engine while you drive
    • Two 135 amp alternators on the truck engine to charge camper batteries
    • 4 wheel ABS disc brakes
    • Optional 90 gallon diesel fuel capacity w/two tanks
    • $400.00 Solid Birch Bunk access ladder to king size bed
    • Birch storage locker for your laptops, cameras, & all your expedition gear
    • Fully automatic electric patio awning
    • 5 piece custom fit silver reflective "pop-in" window insulators (provides you with super privacy and also keeps out thermal heat from the sun)
    • All campground hook-ups (i.e.: grey water and campground provided water are "brass quick disconnect fittings.
    • Truly a "Green Machine" with no generator, propane or gasoline.

    EARTHROAMER just sold their 2008 DEMO for $241,000.00, It had more miles on it and didn't have near the options. THIS ONE IS A STEAL AT: $215,000.00
    Every option now available is on this EarthRoamer, plus many I forgot to list! ALWAYS GARAGED.Check out the pictures and if you want, I can send you more pictures and would also welcome a phone call @ (760) 409-0630 or email me at: and then I can answer all of your questions. Thanks, Rod "SOLD"
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    Default hydronic heating system in this 2008 EarthRoamer

    "SOLD" Just so you will know what a hydronic heating system is, I thought I would explain it. As the EarthRoamer is going down the road or just idling, your domestic water is done by the Ford F550 engine. Also, while dry camping the German make Webasto heater will use your domestic hot water and also the interior of the camper. This is all accomplished by a very efficient German make Webasto furnace that uses just .6 gallons of fuel per hour, and finally, while plugged into shore power, if you happen to find your self in a campground, you can keep warm on their nickle, since you can use the electric hot water heater that is installed in the EarthRoamer. The Webasto furnace also has a function that can also preheats your Ford diesel engine coolant, so that a block heater is never necessary and if its cold outside, your truck can be beprewarmed and ready to go, keeping you warm and toasty right from the get-go! FUI: There is also a block heater included, just in case you ever should need it.

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    Default My Earthroamer Found A New Home Today! "SOLD"

    "SOLD" Yes, it's true, some fine folks from Missouri stepped up to the plate and hit a home run by purchasing the cleanest, most fully equipped EarthRoamer on the planet! All of us who frequent Expedition Portal know that EarthRoamer truly is a wonderfully engineered vehicle that can take you places where not many have ever tread! I feel sure that they will enjoy it very much.

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