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Thread: The quest for the perfect family (5 of us) overlanding/camping setup....

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    TL;dr, but I do have a couple of points - first off, the OP's picture of the twins (?) having breakfast on the cooler is priceless! We (family of six if you include two labs), went from a large family-sized tent to a slide-in camper, back to a family sized tent, and as the girls got older, we downsized the tent, and added a second popup tent for the girls. We also have a small (23') cabin cruiser that we've spent many nights on many waters. The tent/s were a PITA always and when the girls were younger, the associated toys/gear was huge. Both kids are adults now, and one of them hates camping (socialite), and the other has her own gear.

    Both the wife and I feel as though we've paid our dues, from starting as backpackers, to sleeping in the open truck bed to the above and now that the girls are gone, we purchased a small hard-sided RV (25' Toyhauler). It's plenty of room, lifted so we can get away from the madding crowds, and can carry our off-road vehicle for basecamping adventures. All the comforts of home and if the girls want to come along, they have a bed. Setup is fast, teardown is fast. If I want to get out in the back-country, I still have my solo tent and gear. Pretty much any camping experience I want to have, I have the gear for.
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    Family of four plus one small dog. We like to have a set up that is versatile enough for a quick weekend excursion and long cross country trips. We started with a big canvas tent, then did a roof top tent on a basic landscaping trailer, did a vintage airstream remodel and now have a teardrop. The teardrop is awesome and we are modifying it for tougher roads. It is always ready and the rear hatch kitchen is perfect. Even the king sized bed is getting tight- so Iím looking into the new Yakima roof top tent to add an extra bed. It looks like it is is pretty easy for take on and off, and with the trailer holding the bulk of the camp, we can just fold the tent up and go exploring. Ease of set up and breakdown is my number one priority with two little kids. I want to be outside with them and we will not do it if it is a pain in the ***. We travel with another family that has a pop- up. That works great too, but since they donít cook inside (who does?), they have to set up and break down a kitchen. All we do is open the hatch.
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    We are currently using an AT Horizon with an Overland Large tent (Autohome canvas) which works for when were 3 up (me and my 2 daughters 8 &12), when my wife and Dog go we add in the Oztent RV5 and the kids and Hurley sleep in there on pads... We are going to add a foxwing awning to the trailer to give us more covered space when it rains and be able to zip not only the RV5 to it but add in drop sides as well..
    the setup really gives us comfortable space for 6-8 (2-3 in the RTT and 4-5 (smaller humans) in the Oz so the kids can bring friends if they want.
    Our next move will probably be a medium sized hard side trailer with a bathroom but for now were good and i can tow it with the D90
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    Guess I need to update my family vehicle. Kids now 7,5, and 3. After a short tent camping trip with the truck decided it would work fine so got rid of the 4x4 conversion van. It also didn't tow that great as the 350/250hp motor was lacking. Was tired of paying for a third car and the miles were getting up there on truck and van. Wife also didn't like getting up from her seat in the van while underway and enjoy's being closer to the kido's now. Didn't realize that kids were seated so far away in van you could hardly carry on a conversation whereas you get to "hang out" with them in the crew cab and hardly miss a word. Got a new crew cab z71 and am enjoying the 19mpg average. Will work fine for tent camping, but plan to rent a pop up trailer for summer trips due to the heat; need good AC. The crew cab truck could do everything the van could do and then some as it could carry more stuff, tow better, higher clearance, better mileage, etc. If you really wanted to camp on the truck it's much cheaper overall than say a pop top. You can potentially have a queen bed in the bed with topper and throw a roof top tent on top.......all on a platform that is more ideal for daily driving. I miss the inside space of the van, but that's about it and didn't use it during camping anyways. Only time I really hung out inside the van was when the kids were babies and they would fall asleep and I'd sit in there while wife would go do whatever, but that age/stage is over now.
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    This family of five is full timing it.

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