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Thread: Off road trailer to haul ural sidecar motorcycle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Boyd View Post
    Adventure trailers Chaser Flatbed would do the trick. Very stout frame and great suspension.
    Quote Originally Posted by Doc187 View Post
    Perfect but pricy!! Thanks for the link
    Pricey is an understatement... HOLY ****!

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    The key is finding a trailer wide enough. I had a 5 X 7 trailer and had to put 2 x 6 boards on the floor so the Ural would clear the side rails of the trailer.
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    Not to highjack your thread, as this is really interesting to me. I have been thinking about flatdeck on my double cab Tacoma to carry a quad and pulling and towing an off road capable teardrop for sleeping and kitchen options. I had also thought about you are setting up though. I am very interesting in how the discussion on this thread goes. Good luck finding the trailer you need/want!
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    I found a used alumalite atv trailer and mounted a heavy duty wheel chock. Worked out well but only because I have a winch to load and unload with.
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