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Thread: shouldbeasy's 'home away from home' 2017 4x4 Sprinter build

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    Default shouldbeasy's 'home away from home' 2017 4x4 Sprinter build

    Might as well get this party started...

    Deposit Placed December 20, 2016.

    2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4 2500 Cargo 144
    Colour: 5890 Canvasite Blue Metallic
    Interior: Black Tunja Fabric

    Option List
    VPP - Convenience Package
    - Multifunction Steering Wheel w/ Trip Computer
    - 12V Power outlet in driver seat base
    - Hinged Lid for center console storage compartment
    - Two additional master keys
    - Instrument cluster with pixel matrix display
    - Cruise control
    VXP - Bi-Xenon Headlamp Package
    - Headlamp washing system
    - Halogen fog lamps
    - Bi-Xenon head lamps
    VCP - Heated Seat Package
    - Heated front passenger seat
    - Heated front driver seat
    VJP - Driving Assistance Package
    - Heated and power adjustable side mirrors
    - Heated/Insulating glass with windshield band
    - Overhead control panel with 2 reading lamps
    - Collision prevention assist
    - Blind spot assist
    - Lane keep assist
    - Highbeam assist
    - Automatic headlamps and windshield wipers
    CL3 - Leather steering wheel
    CT1 - Vibration dampener (for rear leafs)
    D03 - High roof
    D13 - Mounting rails for roof rack
    E28 - Additional battery for retrofit
    - Cutoff relay for additional battery
    ED4 - AGM Battery (850CCA / 95Ah)
    FY1 - Security alarm with interior motion sensor
    H12 - Heater, Auxiliary front 5KW w/Timer
    - Auxiliary heater sending unit
    HY1 - Remote control for auxiliary heater
    MT4 - High idle (driver adustable)
    - Programmable special module
    N62 - Pulley for additional alternator
    Q24 - Cross member with 5000lbs tow capacity
    VC5 - Aluminum entrance panel (sliding door)
    W78 - Fixed window with washers/wipers (rear doors)
    - Rear window defroster
    - Cable duct on side wall
    - Storage compartment with net (rear doors)
    - cable duct on rear wall
    ZH4 - Downhill speed regulator
    T12 - Two stage sliding door
    T85 - Assist handle, left rear door
    T86 - Assist handle, right rear door
    LB9 - Illuminated sliding door exit
    R98 - Painted steel wheels, black


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    - Puma 12V Air Compressor (with water separator and tank of sorts) - PURCHASED
    - ARB Differential Breather Kit - PURCHASED

    - Van-Compass front fox remote reservoir shocks with CDV - INSTALLED
    - Van-Compass rear fox remote reservoir shocks with CDV - INSTALLED
    - Van-Compass rear add-a-leaf - INSTALLED

    Solar and Battery Charging
    - Victron (via AM Solar) solar system (panels, management, inverter, batteries) - PURCHASED

    Stereo / Sound System
    - Pioneer stereo head unit, DVD Bypass, iPod Cable, Cameras, extra AC Cable, Double DIN Dash Kit - INSTALLED
    - Pioneer 10" Shallow Mount Subwoofer (x2) - INSTALLED
    - JBL GTO938 6x9" (x2) - PURCHASED
    - JBL GTO18T 1-Inch My-Ti Edge-Driven Tweeter (x2) - INSTALLED
    - JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speaker (x2) - INSTALLED
    - Pioneer GM-D9601 2400W Mono Block Amplifier (for subwoofers) - INSTALLED
    - Pioneer GM-D8604 4-Channel Amplifier (for speakers) - INSTALLED
    - Rockford Fosgate 2Farad Capacitor - INSTALLED
    - Rockford Fosgate 8 Gauge Amp Wiring Kit - INSTALLED
    - Install Gear Power Splitter Block - INSTALLED

    Fuse Block / Wiring

    - Lightforce XGT 240 Lights (x3 - soon to be HID with upgrade kit from TRS) - Mounted on the front removable bar with bar clamps - PURCHASED
    - Lightforce Striker 170 HID 'fog' lights - PURCHASED
    - Morimoto 50" LED Light Bar - PURCHASED
    - Rigid Dually LED Flush Mount Reverse Lights - PURCHASED
    - Tuff LED Single LED Pods for Rock Lights (x8) - PURCHASED

    - Webasto Dual Evo 6 air / water diesel fired heater (with digital display) - PURCHASED
    - Webasto diesel fired cook top - PURCHASED
    - DC Airco 12V 9001 Air Conditioner - PURCHASED
    - MaxAir Vent MaxxAir (x1) - PURCHASED

    - Recaro Ergomed ES (x2) - INSTALLED
    - Weathertech mats - INSTALLED
    - ARB 50L Fridge / Freezer x2 - PURCHASED
    - Cramer / Dometic Trash Bin - PURCHASED
    - Lev-O-Gage (x2) - PURCHASED

    Water System
    -Thetford C220-CS Cassette Toilet - PURCHASED
    - standing shower - TBA
    - drinking water tank - 35 Gallons - PURCHASED
    - grey water tank - 30 Gallons - PURCHASED
    - Dometic sink- PURCHASED
    - Sink Tap - PURCHASED

    - roof rack - TBA
    - Fiamma F65s 320 Deep Black Awning - INSTALLED
    - Weathertech window vents - INSTALLED
    - Van-Compass ladder for roof rack access - PURCHASED
    - WARN Zeon 10-S 10,000 lbs Winch with 100' synthetic line (with wiring kit extension and wireless remote) - INSTALLED
    - Ranger Chafe Guard for Synthetic Winch Lines - INSTALLED
    - Factor55 Flatlink Shackle Mount - INSTALLED
    - MaxTrax (x4) and MaxTrax Pins for mounting - INSTALLED

    Vehicle Armour
    - Aluminess front bumper - INSTALLED
    - Aluminess rear bumper - INSTALLED
    - Van Compass full skid plate (front, belly, gas tank) - INSTALLED
    - Van Compass rock sliders - PURCHASED

    Wheels and Tires
    - Black Rhino York Matte Gunmetal Wheels (17x8) - SUMMER USE
    - 315/75R16 Yokohama G072 Snow Tires on OEM Steel Wheels - WINTER USE
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    i had to wait over 5 months for my VW to come in, i wouldn't be surprised if MB was the same.

    Nothing worse than waiting for your van to come in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beardinc View Post
    I've been procrastinating on updating this thread for a while - I was sticking to a local forum but will move over all of the updates (there are a few!).

    Quote Originally Posted by Wyuna View Post
    i had to wait over 5 months for my VW to come in, i wouldn't be surprised if MB was the same.

    Nothing worse than waiting for your van to come in.

    I'm currently stockpiling a lot of items for the conversion so I can't wait for arrival - paint protection is top of my list though.
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    Where abouts are you based?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anton2k3 View Post

    Where abouts are you based?
    Calgary, Alberta.

    Fighting the forum adding updates to the main posts... It doesn't like all my edits but slowly making progress.
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    Here is a van which has damn near the exact lay out I want:
    2014 Fiesta ST

    2001 4Runner SR5

    2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4

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    Alright, water talk time.

    I'm going to have the ability to hook up to a serviceable RV site which includes a garden hose for water.
    For filtering of the water coming in to the Sprinter I am going to go with this simple filter:

    At this point in the system I am not sure of the specifics. I want to have a large fresh water source available (for showering for multiple days hopefully) and thus a large grey water tank as well.
    The width between the wheel wells of the Sprinter is 53". I figure that a tank that's 48" would be ideal as it would leave room for mounting brackets and plumbing - the tanks from these guys look to be quality and their sizes of 35 gallon and 44 gallon are the correct width. My thought was to stack the fresh and grey water on top of each other... But maybe a side by side set up would be best for weight distribution when it comes to the water sloshing around. I don't believe these tanks have baffles....

    Having a secondary source of water strictly for drinking has crossed my mind - I think I am going to run out of room to install a RO system (damn that would be awesome) and so I don't know how to A.) produce drinking water from the water I take in, and B.) where to hold this drinking water, and I guess C.) how to plumb in the tap for the water dispenser.

    I think I am going with a cassette toilet (and more specifically, this particular one and this door to the outside) but have also looked at composting toilets... not sure which one to go with. Worst case with the cassette is that I take two with me for longer trips where I can't dispose of it. I'm also wondering if I can rig up a system where I can pump it out and not have to lift it out... stupid back.

    In summary:
    1.) Fresh water and grey water tank sizes - how big?
    2.) Fresh water and grey water tank placement - side to side or stacked?
    3.) Drinking water - how to create it?
    4.) Drinking water - how to store it?
    5.) Drinking water - how to dispense it?
    6.) Toilet - Going in a wet bath - does anyone have experience with any particular style?
    2014 Fiesta ST

    2001 4Runner SR5

    2017 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4x4

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