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Thread: Fear of the highlift?

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    Quote Originally Posted by proper4wd View Post
    Put the f*cking handle in the upright position please.
    Saw someone severely injured when it jumped a peg (or something) as he was jacking and it smacked him in the eye. Knocked out, convulsing, helicopter ride lost his eye.

    "Always put the handle in the upright position when not lifting or lowering a load! This is a very real safety issue."

    And always assume the handle will swing up and never get your head or anything near it, stay back!

    Anyway, I used mine to jack out some tree stumps.

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    I've used my HiLift countless times... wouldn't go offroad without it. I've also used my winch countless times. Without the proper training both are deadly and best not used. Take an extraction course, learn how to use them properly and safely and they'll be your best friend.

    HiLift has been great to pull up fence posts, winch down lodged branches, etc. It's a great powerful tool when used properly. But like any tool, if not used in it's proper intended manner it can be very dangerous.

    Always maintain it too... don't let it sit out in the weather year after year without cleaning and lubrication. I also carry a full set of spare parts for it.
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    Hi-Lift is a swiss knife functionally speaking... Just like the knife, it can bite you. I cuss the Hi-Lifts every time I use them, but every time, they get the job done.
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