Thread: Have you looked into rear facing car seats for your under fours?

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    Default Have you looked into rear facing car seats for your under fours?

    Hi folks

    I've never looked in this section before, and was admiring some of the photos when it struck me that most car seats in the pics were front facing.

    Rear facing is something that is catching on more and more here in the UK following a lead from Scandinavia, which I think Volvo seems to be at the forefront of the research and crash testing. The latest and strictist kids car seat test criteria cannot be met by a front facing seat, the Swedish Plus test.

    Our two year old has been rear facing from birth after us reading that his neck vertebrae won't be formed until he's four, and it seems that this Plus test is the only (?) one to actually measure forces in the neck in a crash test. And only a rear facing seat can pass this (for a frontal impact).

    Seat prices are coming down, and a wider variety is now available than there was a year ago, especially now past the 18kg Isofix weight limit.

    Just a heads up, not wishing to preach

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    California recently passed a new law requiring Rear Facing seats until 2 years of age. Personally, I find that to be insane. Both of our children were itching to be tuned around and become part of the social circle in the car far before they even turned 1. In addition, my 2 year old has her feet against the back of the passenger seat already. She would be far too tall for rear facing up to 4. I can't imagine that a rear facing seat would fit in most cars for children up to 4. They would have to be folded up like Swiss army knives. I'm all about protecting children, but part of that has to come down to parent and driver responsibility. There needs to be some reasonability built in to these considerations.

    As it is, a high percentage of drivers in and around central Cali don't even use carseats or seatbelts at all!

    And, as a curiousity, because I've never had to do it, what to people do to restrain children on public transport, trains, etc... I'm guessing nothing.
    All opinions, including this one, are inherently biased. Seek information broadly and think for yourself!

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    We've got an almost 2 yr old and recently purchased a Clek Fllo for him.

    The recommendations for it are rear facing until 40lbs then to front facing.

    We plan to keep him rear facing till the 40lbs or as long as we can.

    As a parent I feel I am taking the responsibility to keep our child as safe as possible if a crash were to happen. I could drive around well under the speed limit and be extremely safe and still get hit by someone/something well out of my control.

    Regarding the public transit comment have you ever seen a video of the inside of a school bus crash? Kids violently tossed around.

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    Hi guys, new to these boards, but this is near and dear to me. We've got two young ones that ride with us everywhere. One is just about 2 and the other is as of now 6 days old.

    I'd absolutely agree that rear facing is the best option, if it is an option at all. Both our kids were born in the 99th percentile for height (22.5" and 23" long respectively) so already big kids. Our oldest daughter had her feet up on the headrest by the time she was about 1.5 yrs old. We decided to turn her around at that point.

    Combine that with the near impossibility of having a rear facing seat behind my (the driver's) side due to the close quarters of the LJ, and rear facing is just about an impossibility. I'd love to see a rear seat that would accommodate smaller vehicles then a full on minivan, but we just haven't seen anything.

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    Aloha everyone,
    Came across this thread and wanted to say that as much as rear facing is the "safest" for our monkeys, its just not possible. We originally had a 03 DC Tacoma with one Maxicosi Pria 70 seat for our son but soon realized that has he grew (95 percentile) his legs would soon be touching the seat back. Also, we found our that we were hapai (pregnant) with our second and decided to look at a new vehicle. Ended up with a 12' LR4 which was heaps larger inside... that is until we realized that our daughter (98 percentile for 3 months and now has been off the chart since) is coming to the same issue that our son had with her legs being too long and touching the seat back.
    As much as we want to keep them rear facing... reality is that its just not possible. We have noticed that since they are both front facing, they enjoy driving so much more as they can see what mama and dada are seeing. I should add that one of the main reasons for choosing the LR4 was because as stated before by shirk, we can drive safe all day but it just takes someone else to crash into us and the LR4 is one damn heavy vehicle. I've seen what happens first hand when some slams into an LR4 and its not pretty for that vehicle.

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    We have a Volvo XC70 with a rear facing Klippan Triofix Recline for our 95cm tall just over two year old son. He never has faced forwards so doesn't know if it's better or not, I imagine trying to rear face a child who has front faced for some time would be tricky to say the least This is supposed to be one of the more upright rear facers, so takes up less space than others. I didn't realise that he would possibly get to 18kg before he is four though, so we may have to buy another bigger rear facer until then when he can face forwards.

    The seat has to be behind the passenger seat because of how far forward the front seat has to be to accommodate it. That means no big people can sit opposite the driver for long.

    As the little dudes legs began to bend a little against the rear seat back we bought the spacer available for this seat, but when installed it means sitting in the front passenger becomes more squashed.

    We also did have a Ford Tourneo camper conversion, this had Isofix on the second and third rows with loads of space for everyone but we didn't get on with it, now sold. Our current second vehicle has enough space for the seat with spacer, but even then he still has bent legs.

    This seat in our Volvo is an "approved" match and fitting, so is presumably what the test is suggesting everyone should have, but a big four year old will have legs everywhere. If that's what that kid thinks is normal then maybe that will be ok, but it is a squash and nothing anyone older has dealt with to know. I've been told legs everywhere is fine at a young age.

    But essentially, rear facing up until four years old in a normal car won't look comfy to an adult. And won't be possible in a lot of vehicles.

    One plus point is with a range of child ages in the back if you have three, then one seat one way and two the other makes for more space to actually get the seats in.

    And with a mirror on the rear seat head rest means they can still see the driver in the rear view mirror.

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