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    Default Sterilite industrial boxes

    Does anyone use these? With a truck I'm trying to find a storage solution that doesn't require me to mortgage the house. I have a rack and RTT so maybe some of these and a tarp, cigar rolled (any tankers out there would know what I'm talking about)?
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    If you like the storage solution just buy it and go. I have numerous expensive cases (HPRC, Pelican and Exlporer Cases) and I think they are too heavy and space inefficient for most people that don't have a 1.5 ton carrying capacity.Possibly not helpful but I have always found it is best to just get something (or not) and then go.
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    Would need to see these Sterilite container in person, But I have a hard time accepting something sold at Target to be truly "industrial" level of heavyduty.

    There are plenty of well known manufacturers of real heavyduty bins & totes.
    Fwiw, I use flippertop totes from Otto, But Otto better is known as maker of municipal recycle & trash bins, their website does not show totes.
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    I use some very similar looking totes that I got at Lowes for about the same price (probably made by the same company).
    Very sturdy and weatherproof enough to ride in the truck bed.
    The best part is the $13 price tag!
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    Buy one throw in some old news papers and ride it around in your truck bed. After a few weeks and hopefully a few rain showers see how well the paper faired. If it looks like the day you put it in you should be good to go. If it is a soggy mess you now have a new storage tote to use at home.

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    Use what works for you. Get one and test it out. At that price no great loss if it does hold up to your expectations.
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    In an open bed, UV will probably kill those after the first summer.

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    I have a bunch of those in several sizes and styles I use for long term storage, of well, junk I should probably just get rid of, and camping gear. They are great for that, they close solidly and stack nice.

    They are not real thick walled or rigid, maybe a shave more than typical totes. Any extra strength comes from the structural design of the edges not from additional wall thickness.

    I don't keep them out in the elements of course so no opinion there. I do use a few for camping but I keep them inside the vehicle when I'm moving.

    I say give them a try, if they take on water too bad, use them around the house to organize your crap.

    I will say the way the lid is made, it won't be super easy for water to get in unless the airflow directs it upwards into the lid area.

    If you are putting them in a truck bed where water is not forced onto them while moving, I think they would stay dry enough, but I'd still bag anything inside you really didn't want to get damp.
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    Default Sterilite industrial boxes

    Quote Originally Posted by chops749 View Post
    Does anyone use these? With a truck I'm trying to find a storage solution that doesn't require me to mortgage the house. I have a rack and RTT so maybe some of these and a tarp, cigar rolled (any tankers out there would know what I'm talking about)?
    Yes! I have 3. They are plenty sturdy. Not sure how weatherproof they are though. I haven't tested.

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    I've been using a similar tote made by Ziploc (I may have even had a thread on here about them, they were on the bottom of the Target page too). They have held up well for a few years now. Plus they have a rubber gasket around the lip on the lid. I would be interested in these if they weren't "portable oven" black. My Ziploc ones are also black and things kinda get warm inside. Nothing terrible but something I would rather avoid.
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