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    Default A busy weekend in the knife shop

    We leave for Disneyland next week so I've been scrambling to get some knives done so we have some spending money. It's been a blur.

    A trio of Camp Knives in 1095 /15n20 Twist Damascus.

    A pair for a father and son. Walnut scales, white liners, brass pins.

    Maple Burl, black micarta pins, mosaic center pin, black G10 liners.

    Ruckus in 1095 /15n20 Twist Damascus with orange and black G10 scales, Black G10 liners, carbon fiber pins.... Looks sharp.

    Didn't quite finish this Hunter in 1095 /15n20 Twist Damascus with Red Lava Kirinite scales and carbon fiber pins.

    Note to self, when heat treating blades be careful how close you are to the forge when you bend down to pick something up off the floor. I call this "frosted" look Porcupine.

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    Very nice! I really like that Maple Burl!

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    Those are beautiful knives.
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    What do you charge for knives like that? Those are beautiful!
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