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Thread: Lets talk tires!

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    Quote Originally Posted by p nut View Post
    I've had 26x2.35 Big apples and Marathon Plus Tour
    The MPT's were bombproof. Never EVER got a flat. I was especially thankful, riding in the dark, on those cold, wet days, knowing I'd not have to worry about fixing a flat. Downside? Ride was horrible. Super stiff tire.
    The BA's were on my cargo bike. Super smooth ride. Glides over everything. More prone to flats, but not bad.
    If I had to choose: I would go BA's, because the ride is sublime. But only if my bikepacking routes are tame enough for a slick tire. (although, I've found you can ride some pretty rough stuff on slicks. Just watch those turns). This is the same reason I choose to ride Compass road tires. More prone to flats, but....the ride....!
    Great info. When I picture what I want out of the bike I keep thinking of adding an xtraCycle and Big Apples to it.
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    I've really enjoyed my Schwalbe Mondial tires. They are 700x40 on a Trek 520, there is a little more rolling resistance but having an "all road" tire is great.

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    Could you use slightly skinnier? Michelin country rock has always preformed great for me and long wearing. Wish they made a 27.5...

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